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These three value-full sisters are the epitome of hard working women. They hold jobs, are full time loving mothers and wives. It is only appropriate to say that these women are the full package; a combination of soccer mom and bread winner attributes. With hard work and dedication these women have insisted the better life, both for them and their families.

Though not natal to this country these sisters were brought to the United States at a very young age and identify as Americans, because they are. With the same shared values and ideals as any other American citizen it is outrageous that these women are under deportation proceeding with no prior criminal offense or record. These women cannot be removed from the country simply because their parents wanted them to have the better life. With their deportation date in very close proximity, these women need every support source to stop their deportation before June 1st 2012.

They NEED your signature! Please take 2 minutes out of your 1440 minute day to simply show you care. 

This deportation will rip three entire families apart. Don’t left the system oversee these women as just another statistic. YOU can prevent their deportation, please sign!

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Department of Homeland Security Stop the Deportaton of the Avelar Sisters
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Mike Lee Stop the Deportaton of the Avelar Sisters
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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Avelar Sisters.


Stop the deportaton of Barbara Avelar, Silvia Avelar and Laura Avelar

Barbara Avelar is a 30 year old mother, wife, and well rounded American. As a typical American family, both Barbara and her husband raise their three young children, maintain their home, and hold stabilized jobs. Barbara and her family share the American values and like any other family they strive for the American Dream.

Silvia Avelar Flores is a 26 year old loving mother and wife. Mother of a 6 year old son and a 4 year old daughter, Silvia has been happily married for six years to her American resident husband.

Ana Laura Avelar is a 34 year old well-oriented woman. She mothers a 4 year old daughter and has raised a 16 year old step son, while sharing marriage for 11 years.

These three women share many things in common. They are all sisters, were born in Mexico city and were brought to this country at a very young age. With all heartful intents and purposes the Avelar sisters' parents, like most immigrant parents, only desired a higher standard of living and better life for their family. This is their story.

In 1993 the Avelar family obtained tourist visas to travel from Mexico City to the United States. As tourists in the state of Utah,father Avelar quickly became found of it and considered establishing. In order for the family to stay, their migratory statues needed to be addressed. In 1995 Avelar father requested legal residency but was denied by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS). Due to the exposure CIS sent the whole family a deportation letter. Barbra, Silvia, Laura, their Father and Mother had to leave the country. As advised by an ill-directed notary, Father Avelar appealed the deportation order. Father Avelar was under the impression that with the appeal the family would not have to face deportation anymore.

The family eventually kept living their lives in Utah. Their parents had a job and they all received and completed their education. As American raised, they grew up, eventually got married, and started raising their own families. While living their normal American lives, their past came back to haunt them.

On December of 2011 ICE unexpectedly showed up and arrested the whole family. The arrest itself was unnecessarily dramatized and the treatment towards the family was merciless. With not much time to spare, the deportation of the Avelar parents was almost immediate after the arrest. Left with grief and trauma, the sisters were not deported but where put under supervision; which required them to wear an ankle monitor and report to CIS regularly. CIS let the three sisters know that their case was a fightable one and that a judge could reopen it. (Their case is the same one that was closed after the appeal of 1995) they did not think twice to hire an attorney to get their case moving.

As of now they still have not been able to re-open their case. The major conflicting matter is that when they were going through removal preceding in 1995 the whole scenario was set in the state of California. This fact calls for a prosecutor in California to sign proper documents that would allow for California to send the case over to the state of Virginia. Subsequent to Virginia, the case can eventually be handled in the state of Utah. Consequently, on March 5th the sisters were informed by CIS that they have to leave the country by June 15th.

These women are sinking in desperation and hopelessness. They have turned to every possible door but none are open or have rapidly closed. Their biggest struggle is what their families would suffer and everything that they would lose. They were raised in the United States and their natal country is now foreign. These women hold the right to be presented upon a judge for their case to be heard. Their case must be re-opened.


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