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Stop the Deportation of Family Flores-Colato

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Don’t Deport Victor Alexander and Xiomara Flores Colato. They came to this country legally from El Salvador fleeing for their lives, after their family was threatened and their grandfather was brutally murdered.

After more than 11 years of living in this country, on April 10th, Victor Alexander and his sister Xiomara Flores Colato are facing deportation and are soon to be forced to abandon their dreams, friends, and the life they have established in this wonderful country. Xiomara is preparing to enroll in the Marines and Victor Alexander is studying to be an Electrical Engineer in Northern Virginia Community College. However, they won’t be able to accomplish their dreams and efforts unless we all help.

They did not come to this country illegally; they did not commit any crime. Their only hope was to start a new life without violence and to be reunited with their father, who lives here legally, under TPS (Temporary Protective Service).

The Flores Colato family arrived in Virginia December of 2001, months after their grandfather was kidnapped and brutally murdered seeking asylum.

However, after their petition for asylum was denied in 2010, they were automatically put into a deportation process.

The Flores-Colatos are a committed Christian family who believe that God can make the impossible possible.

“I believe in God’s will and we are praying for our situation”, said Victor Alexander.

Their contribution to their Clarendon church impacts everyone’s lives. Victor Alexander was a Youth Leader for the past two years, has been the Music Director for over three years, teaches kids at his church how to play music, and instructs the teenagers in the God’s word.

Xiomara is one of the lead singers in the church’s band, and is a positive influence to kids at her church. She participates in all activities by leading plays, skits, and songs.

Victor Alexander and Xiomara have also helped many teenagers outside of their church. Alexander has helped teens overcome depression, gain self-assurance, and allowed them to open up their bottled feelings. Both he and Xiomara have helped out in several Christian camps for more than five years.

On April 10th, Victor Alexander Flores Colato, his sister Xiomara Flores Colato, and his mother Jeaneth Colato will be facing an Immigration judge who will decide the family’s fate. However, they know that God has the last word and that with your prayers, God will do what he knows is best.

Their case numbers are 088-965-836 (Jeaneth), 088-965-837 (Xiomara), and 088-965-838 (Alexander)

Xiomara and Victor Alexander are eligible for the DREAM Act, and together with their mother Jeaneth, they meet most factors listed in the Morton memo, which should merit favorable exercise of Prosecutorial Discretion as the Department of Homeland Security announced in August 2011.

Please, I urge to stop the deportation of Victor Alexander Flores Colato, his sister Xiomara and their mother Jeaneth Colato.




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