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Stop the building of McDonalds in Tecoma, Victoria.

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For years the public have showed utter outcry against the building of a McDonald's Restaurant in Belgrave/Tecoma/Upwey area. None of us want a McDonald's restaurant anywhere near the Dandenong Ranges. We all agree. So why have they won? Who knows! How? No-one knows!

Just some of the undeniable problems here:

It's DIRECTLY across the road from a primary school.

Garbage will be strewn from Tecoma right through all the hill suburbs? McDonald's flail that they have a program to prevent this.. I have never seen a McDonald's that didnt create horrible waste.

Some say it will give opportunities for their kids to have jobs. Is this really worth our way of life? Nope. This isn't just about Tecoma, its about all the entire hills suburbs.

Our tourism (The Hills' biggest earner) would be threatened by this disaster. At least our tourist dollars stay here and not go overseas like Mcdonalds profits.

Safety is a massive issue for every one in the area with increased traffic in an area that already gets beyond safe congestion as well as noise pollution.

There has now been media coverage from the local Leader Newspapers, Channel 7, Channel 9 and The Herald Sun - this is so fantastic but we need to push it. We need to ensure we continue to be in the spotlight until we have pushed this to agree with the community wishes.

You can see updated information and what our local Greens Councillor of Yarra Ranges, Cr Samantha Dunn is doing for the cause. You'll also find below an exerpt of what she has written, with a link to the VCAT ruling:

"The tribunal decision makes for disappointing reading (you can read a copy here). When I read the 56 pages, it seemed I was at a different hearing to the Tribunal Members. They have paid scant regard to the 320 written objections to VCAT or to the 30 community submitters at the hearing."

Item 8. of the ruling sheds particular light on the problem at hand, and sums it up to a degree. they know... so why continue??

"McDonald’s Australia Limited has requested the Tribunal to review Council’s decision. Over three hundred and twenty (320) statements of grounds have been lodged with the Tribunal in support of the Council’s decision. The grounds relied upon by residents include a global fast food company would be inconsistent with the tourism ‘offer’ or ‘brand’ of the Dandenong Ranges. The building would be too large and inconsistent with Tecoma’s character. The proposal would cause a wide range of adverse offsite impacts including noise, illumination from the advertising, litter, food preparation odours, antisocial behaviours and public safety, adverse impacts on health, and adverse impacts on native fauna. Furthermore, the traffic generated by this proposal would make worse the existing traffic congestion on Burwood Highway at peak times."

Please also see some updated media coverage this one from Maroondah Weekly.

Stand up for what's right. Do not allow McDonald's to override our wishes. this is not okay. Do not allow the hills to become McDonald's next cash cow rather than what it is - our home, our streets and our beauty. Sign my petition if you agree.

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