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Forests in the State of Washington are under attack by the predatory biomass industry. Rural, economically depressed, Mason County Washington, located right next to the Olympic National Forest, has been targeted by Adage Mason LLC (pronounced A-dodge) a company that seeks to use our forests as fuel for their 65 megawatt incinerator intended to generate electricity to be sold to California.

Adage is a partnership between French based Areva Corp., and Duke Energy. Both companies have dismal environmental records. This massive incinerator will consume over 600,000 tons of wood every year, the equivalent of one mature tree every 53 seconds. And there are 19 existing or proposed plants slated to be built in the South Puget Sound area alone, and up to 250 more planned throughout rural America.

These plants are highly polluting, contributing to respiratory illness, deforestation and global warming. This one plant alone will emit 600,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide and other air pollutants into our air every year.

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As you may know, The American Heart Association, American Lung Association, World Health Organization, and other world recognized medical institutions have published findings confirming biomass to power plants emit dangerous levels of small particulate matter, dioxin and other pollutants known to cause cancer and other respiratory illness, even under short term exposure conditions.

As you also know, there are currently 19 existing or proposed biomass to power plants slated for the South Puget Sound area, several of which intend to gather woody fuel from overlapping 50-75 mile radius of plant sitings. Such plundering of our forest resources will likely result in severe erosion conditions, increased runoff and further pollution of our already contaminated water bodies.

Shelton, in Mason County, is slated to have two such highly polluting facilities: Adage and Simpson/Solomon. Adage is proposing a 65 megawatt plant that will incinerate the equivalent of one mature tree every 53 seconds and emit over 600,000 tons of greenhouse gases and heavy metals into our air shed every year. The Simpson/Solomon plant will emit about 200,000 tons of similar pollutants. Both these plants are within approximately 3 miles of each other; one in downtown Shelton, the other just up the hill, on Johns Prairie Road.

It is only reasonable to ask for a moratorium on all such facilities to give the medical, environmental and economic community an opportunity to study the long term effects of biomass to power proposals.
If we have not yet learned that advancing industry driven agendas lacking in objective scrutiny may not be in the best interest of our Country, our State or our Community, then from experience we have learned absolutely nothing.

Please impose a moratorium on biomass to power plants in the State of Washington.

Thank you,
Tom Davis
Resident/Shelton/Mason County

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