Petition Closed

The fate of the online world is at hand with this bill. If it is passed, it will criminalize the posting, embedding, streaming, and viewing of copyrighted material online. This means you will not be able to share that amusing video you found on Youtube today with your friends on any social media website you may use or any personal website for that matter. It will criminalize people that view these videos also with up to 5 years in prison and a hefty fine. It will close down many popular Youtube channels that are ad based leaving a large portion of the Youtube community without content, which will then lead to the downfall of Youtube. This is just one example of the ramifications of this Bill.

Just one hours worth of reasearch yielded amazing results as to what would happen if this Bill was passed. It will criminalize an individual for simply clicking on an embedded video that is unauthorized. It will criminalize any person who sings a karaoke cover and posts it online. It will criminalize that 12 year old kid who posts a youtube video on his facebook account. It will criminalize any person who creates a parody of anything (movie, tv show, song), and it will effectively take away what millions, perhaps billions, of people enjoy doing on a daily basis. The charges one would receive for these activites would be up to 5 years in prison and a hefty fine, a felony. We must demand this bill be re-written so it does not criminalize the innocent.

We must stop this Anti-Streaming Bill as it will change the daily lives of millions of people and effectively shut down a major portion of the internet. This is a classic case of Congress being paid by supporters of the bill to pass it under the radar. Please sign this petition if you value your online experience and want to freely post videos you enjoy with your friends, for if this Bill is passed, we will never see that again.

Letter to
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
I am writing you to ask that the Anti-Streaming Copyright Bill be stopped. The wording presented in this bill can be stretched into much more than is intended. It can effectively criminalize innocent people that have committed no crime. As a United States Citizen, for 27 years since the day of my birth, I have not been more concerned about a bill being passed. It will create a snowball effect that can and will be impossible to recover from. A large portion of the current internet as we know it will be destroyed.

This bill will criminalize people for simply embedding their favorite videos on their personal web-spaces such as Facebook, Myspace, blogs etc. This will also criminalize persons who view that content. It will force many Youtube channels to shut down because they are ad supported. It will criminalize people who sing karaoke songs. It will criminalize people who create parodies or re-enactments. It will generally criminalize almost anyone who goes online. The interest of artistry and inspiration online will be crushed.

I ask you, as a tax paying supporter of this country, to stop this bill before it wreaks havoc on our online society. I ask for it to be re-written using words that cannot criminalize an innocent person. Thank you for taking your time to read my concerns.

Tim Light