Stop the 3 day animal impound rule in Victorian Pounds and Shelters.

Stop the 3 day animal impound rule in Victorian Pounds and Shelters.

17 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kae Norman

Currently in Victoria, cats & dogs get 8 days to be found by their owners.  Stakeholders are wanting to reduce this to 3.

They will then be sorted into "Rehome", "Rescue", or "Euthanasia"

This will give pet owners less time to find and collect their pets.  The elderly, those who need to save for pound fees, people caring for someone else's pet, those who fall through the cracks in the Pound System.

While it is estimated most pets are collected within 3 days - what about those who are not?

Shelters will hold the healthy rehomeable ones. Rescues will struggle with suddenly trying to find space - when they normally have 8 days to organize a spot.  Euthanasia will rise in pounds and shelters as Pound Service Providers clear for space.


A bottleneck will occur at the surgery end on the back of three days, and while disease is always and issue, and the less time spent in shelters is preferable - it is those who need a particular pathway out who will be disadvantaged if time is cut down to 3 days from 8.

Please sign our petition to show Victoria needs to keep the 8 day rule.  To keep not the wanted pets who are reclaimed, but those who are relying on others to organize a future for them.

Please send an email to the below addresses and explain why changing from 8 days to 3 days impound time is   deadly for animals and pet owners, but almost impossible for shelter and pound staff and rescuers to save stray and surrendered pets.

Vic Labor head office –

Premier of Victoria –

Minister for Agriculture –

Leader of the Opposition –

Shadow Minister for Agriculture –

Vic Liberal head office –

Leader of the Greens –

Vic Greens head office –

Stuart Grimley (DHJP leader) –

DHJP head office –


Hope this helps �


Thank you.

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Signatures: 36,287Next goal: 50,000
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