STOP Temelin - Investigate dangerous welding seams!

STOP Temelin - Investigate dangerous welding seams!

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Steffi Lemke (Bundesumweltministerin)

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Gestartet von Brigitte Artmann


The Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Temelin is situated in the immediate neighbourhood of both the German and the Austrian border. Both reactors, since going on-line in 2000, have proven to be very irregular. At Reactor 1 of the NPP Temelin a precarious welding seam is located directly on the reactor high- pressure vessel. „This welding seam will break under stress.“ said the inspector of the Czech nuclear authority when she investigated the state of affairs. She was ordered to keep this knowledge to herself. The incident was covered up. The existence of the associated dossier 15/2001/SUJB is repudiated.

Together with independent experts and the German nuclear authority we met with the Czech nuclear authority in Prague. Shortly before, the falsification of counterfeit X-rays pictures of all welds of the non-nuclear cooling circuits in all six of the Czech reactors was revealed.

Those independent experts urgently advised the investigation of the documentation of all those nuclear high-pressure system welding seams in Temelin 1.

One of these independent experts, namely Dieter Majer, once the technical head of the German nuclear authority at the German Federal Environment Ministry. He was responsible for the long-term shut-down, due to irregularities, at the nuclear power plant at Biblis. He also shut down the Plutonium plant in Hanau. He said “I believe, that none of the welding seams in the premier circuits are design adequate. Both the operators and the authorities have failed to provide the public with real evidence that the welding seams are of an acceptable quality. The only realistic solution is a very intensive examination of the documentation.”

Another independent expert was the material expert from TÜV Nord. He examined an official document, accessible to us, that detailed that a pipe was documented as being welded to the reactors pressure vessel whilst at the same time the other end of this same pipe was documented as being welded to another pipe in a distant assembly facility. This documentation cannot be factual.

Germany has a binding contract with the Czech Republic that allows the Federal Government the right of examination of documentation. The German Federal Government has remained inactive. This is a scandal and endangers us all!

We, from the initiative STOPPT TEMELIN demand the immediate “Request for Full Documentation” by the German Federal Government and access to these documents in order that independent experts will be able to produce an overview of the fundamental hazards existent from Temelin.

Before the summer pause, we will formally submit this petition to the Federal Ministry of the Environment in Berlin.

For more information about our aims and the initiative with regard to Temelin can be found at our website:


120.198 haben unterschrieben. Nächstes Ziel: 150.000.