Repeal the "Shoot at sight" order against dogs in Nagaland.

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Our family dog ,Gunner and our neighbour's dog April was shot dead in broad daylight by volunteers of the village council. This was carried out under the existing "order" that dogs can be shot at sight if they are found roaming around the area without supervision. What hurt more was that they did not even give back the dead bodies of our dogs for a dignified burial. They took it back with them. We are assuming the worst that it was for them to consume it, as dog meat is considered a delicacy in Nagaland.

This is not an isolated incident. It has happened with so many of our dogs in the past. A friend's dog met with the same fate. He returned fatally wounded after being shot , and died in their backyard. Another person's dog was killed when it was within the owner's property itself. While I have also personally seen two of my neighbour's dog who fortunately or unfortunately lost one of their limbs in such shootings. 

This order was passed in view of the rising cases of dog bite and the fear of contracting rabies from rabid dogs. Some authorities have even stated "open defecation" by dogs as reason enough to shoot dogs. While some give a day's warning to the residents to lock up their dogs, preventing which they would have the right to shoot any dogs they see in their sight. It is also so distasteful that some authorities charge a certain amount of money to the owner if they want back the body of their dog. Our family was not even given this option! Nobody knows what exactly happens with the bodies of the dogs they shoot. It's appalling to know that no action has been taken against this cruel order till date.

This "order" is not only illegal but also inhumane. It disrespects the value of life.  Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960,  Section 11, 1 l), it is a cognizable offence to mutilate or kill any animal in an "unnecessarily cruel manner". Section 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code of 1860  also states that, ‘mischief of killing or maiming an animal amounts to an offence’.

The concerned authorities and the public, that is us, can work together to scrap this violation of law and animal rights. There is a non-violent manner to deal with the fear of dogs and the spread of rabies. I trust the authorities to have the esteemed knowledge to discern this and come up with the best policies that do not endanger any stakeholders life.

Please sign this petition so that no towns or villages in Nagaland implements the "shoot at sight" order for dogs.  Dogs also have the right to live a life of dignity. Sign this petition so that no one has to ever go through losing their furry companion in what can be rightfully called cold blooded murder.