October 31, 2017
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Principal Mary Miller
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Started by Presentation Too


Stop decades of sexual abuse at Presentation High School, a Catholic all-girls school in San Jose, California, and stop them from quietly passing predadory teachers to other schools, where they continue to abuse even more students.

Over the past five months, dozens of victims have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse by multiple abusers during a thirty year period. The majority of these incidents were reported to the school administration, yet the school did not file a single report with Child Protective Services, allowing predators to have allowed unfettered access to thousands of girls for decades, and allowing them to move on to other schools.

Neither the school administration nor the Board of Directors have responded or even acknowledged a request for an independent investigation into the allegations of abuse. Instead, the school administration has called this request “the dark side of social media” and has said the allegations are an “outright lie” and “unsubstantiated claims masquerading as facts.” Several victims offered to attend a board meeting to share their stories, but have been denied the ability to meet with school leadership.

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Our original request (when only two cases of abuse were known) is below:

We, the undersigned, in light of the accusations unveiled in the recent Washington Post story entitled "When the legal system fails sexual assault victims, we have to find our own closure" written by Presentation High School alumna Kathryn Leehane hereby state the following:

We are outraged by the nature of the accusations against former Presentation French and Spanish teacher, John Fernandez.

We are outraged by the apparent lack of response by the Presentation administration once charges of abuse were reported to Marian Stuckey and Mary Miller beginning in 1990.

We are outraged that John Fernandez was allowed access to thousands of young women while in a position of authority for twenty years.

To remedy this alleged failure on the part of the school administration, we demand the following actions take place:

  • We demand an independent investigation into all allegations of abuse by John Fernandez during his 20 year tenure. 
  • Pending the results of the investigation, we demand a public apology in the form of an open letter to all alumnae on the Presentation website, in the Presentation Magazine, AND in a direct-mail campaign to all former students.
  • Pending the results of the investigation, we demand that appropriate consequences be brought against anyone found to have been in a position of authority when these accusations were leveled and did nothing to affect change.
  • Pending the results of the investigation, we demand a substantial monetary pledge towards charities that work with survivors of sexual assault.

We request a response to the above within 90 days. We look forward to your response and efforts to remedy past errors and end a culture of silence.

Not Words, but Deeds.


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Signatures: 7,652Next Goal: 10,000
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