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Stop Sex Crimes Against Women in DR Congo

Right now in the Democratic Republic of Congo, civil unrest is a major concern that does not get the media attention it deserves.  The fighting between the military and dissident General Laurent Nkunda's rebel army has been disastrous for the people, the wildlife and the environment of the region.  

One of the most disturbing atrocities is the raping and cruel treatment of the women of the area.  Soldiers have taken it upon themselves to take women and children at will and have their way with them.  I read a sickening story in the BBC that an 11 month old baby, the victim of a rape, has died.  Nowhere else did I see anything about that horrific story.  This silence is what makes these crimes even more horrific – the fact that they go unrecognized by the government of DR Congo and by the rest of the world.  It is inexcusable, and is like telling the perpetrators of these heinous crimes that they are acceptable.  

The women and children need our help to make these crimes public knowledge and to stop them from happening. We must get involved in order to facilitate change.  

I am not only calling to the women of the world, I am calling to their sons as well.  Please help spread the word and urge our governments to get involved with the peace process in the region. We call ourselves compassionate people; let’s show that with action.  We can blame ourselves in part for what happened in Darfur.  It took far too many years for people to understand what was happening there. This situation in DRC mirrors the beginnings of what could be another Darfur.  Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse. We must not let it continue.

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