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Help Cats Protection (Glasgow branch) to Stop Scotland's Feral Cat Slaughter

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Scottish National Heritage have issued a license to the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland to trap and shoot feral cats in order to 'protect' the Scottish wildcat from interbreeding with domestic ferals. This has been done as part of the Scottish Wildcat Action Plan (funded by the national lottery and tax-payers), written by SNH and RZSS . This plan, signed off by Scottish Environment Minister Aileen McLeod, states  "Any individuals which are obviously feral domestic cats will be dispatched according to standard predator control practices, by the land manager, with appropriate firearm in one shot with minimal time to death." and continues " Dispatch with a 12 bore shotgun using number three shot (lead shot not to be used over foreshore or wetlands), positioned 5m from the trap, aiming at the head and front of shoulder, is recommended". Slaughter of feral cats DOES NOT work it in fact encourages more ferals into the vacuum. A successful project  Scottish Wildcat Haven currently have 800sq miles of protected environment which runs a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) programme for feral cats. We feel strongly and passionately that this template should be applied in this case. It is proven to work and is the ONLY ethical approach. Ian Ross as chairman of the SNH has the power to revoke this appalling license so please stand with us to make our voices heard.   

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