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Stop saving dogs and cats by killing them!!!! let's make all shelters into a non-kill shelters

‘Let’s make California the first state in the union by making it illegal to kill any animal that comes into the shelter. What’s the point of saving an animal from the streets only to turn around and kill it a few days later? 


Please let’s put a stop to pulling these animals out of the shelter at the last minute before it gets killed, let’s give them a chance. We all deserve a second chance!!!


We also need to toughen the laws against animal cruelty; a society is only as good as how they treat other animals.


We understand that sometimes shelters are overcrowded and it is costly to maintain and that they kill animals to make room; but we can start by sending an example that every living thing in California has a second chance to live. Let start by increasing the funding to shelters by charging an extra tax to all pet sales this would only encourage pet’s adoptions.

as an added bonus all our and future pets help our economy, we expend money in food, services, vets, etc.

please stop the killing. 

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