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Rene Helmerichs

Oct 31, 2018 — 

To: Tainan District Prosecutor's Office

Subject: 江佩樺女人正在破壞芝麻街的國際聲譽。(Ruining the reputation of Sesame Street) 

Witnesses: 兩名未透露姓名的證人將在稍後公佈。(Two witnesses to be announced later)




31 Oct 2018


Dear Prosecutors,




Find this file at:

(.doc) File:







Please refer to the English text for accuracy.  I believe the meaning is preserved in the Chinese translation.  I am using Google.  This concerns Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) vice president Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人).




My name is Rene Helmerichs.  My legal Chinese identity is 是瑞內.  I believe it is a unique name.  However, I was born in Bremen Germany on 2 March 1977.  The statements in this document are my own.  I accept full responsibility for them.




Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) is ruining the international reputation of Sesame Street.  She ordered managers to threaten.  She repeatedly gives false testimony at legal hearings.  She lies about the grounds for termination.  And, she encourages employees to commit crimes against liberty.




Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) insisted that I work at Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) on 26 May 2017.  She knew that I was in jail in Canada before she hired me.




I require assistance to restore my credibility in Canada.  I am being wrongly accused in Canada.  This requires tremendous advertising.  Right now, I also require assistance to restore my credibility in Taiwan.




Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) is destroying the reputation of Sesame Street.  She is also preventing me from helping Sesame Street.  I believe these are two separate criminal offences.  The first is slander (character defamation).  The second is a crime against liberty.




There are currently criminal proceedings for fraud against Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人).  They are related to this case.  This is the larger case.  The case file for fraud is 107年度他字第2966號案件.  It is currently in the Republic Of China Tianan District Prosecutor's Office.




Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) is not national Taiwan Sesame Street.  Kidsland (凱仕蘭) had 330 employees and about 2500 students in 2017.




Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) is the owner of Kidsland Sesame Street (人上人教育事業集團芝麻街凱仕蘭). 




The main office for Kidsland (凱仕蘭) is 701台南市東區長榮路二段32巷6號




I began work at Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) on 1 Aug 2017.  The contract was for two years from 1 Aug 2017 until 31 July 2019.




The two-year contract includes an agreement to maintain Sesame Street credibility.  I can help Sesame Street advertise.  Advertising will help Sesame Street gain more students.  I require mass media attention to restore my credibility in Canada.  Negative publicity will destroy Sesame Street unless Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) understands that we are only arguing about working together to help Taiwan internationally.




Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) will probably lose her job.  Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) can say that he was not aware of any of this.  Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) can make a new legal agreement with me.  Thereafter, Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) can fire Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人).  I will rehire Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人).  No one needs to lose if we can agree to work together.  Please refer to the rest of this document for grounds to work together!




Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) is actively stopping me from restoring my reputation.  Video evidence is lined below.




I have several open legal cases in Taiwan.  All of my current cases are a direct result of Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人).




Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) assaulted me on 23 Oct 2018.  I was attempting to restore my reputation. 




Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) ran away from Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) on 23 Oct 2018.  She ran down the road in front of Kidsland (凱仕蘭) to attack me.  The attack was unprovoked.  I was on public property.  I was also well away from her place of work.  Video evidence in the 23 Oct 2018 petition update "台南市 allows 芝麻街凱仕蘭 teachers to teach violence?" at






Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) currently allows Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) to destroy the credibility of Sesame Street.  In court on 25 Oct 2018, Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) denied that I gave evidence of a problem at Sesame Street.  Reference case file 107年度偵字第10307號案件.  Students were kissing in 2017.  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) claimed that this was not true.  I emailed my manger, Ms. Stacy Huang (黃姿瑜女人), video evidence in November 2017.  The video is provided in the 29 Oct 2018 petition update at






Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) is not a defendant in this case.  Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) is a witness.  Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) can watch us prosecute Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人).  Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) must understand that he is criminally liable for the actions of his representatives.  Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) knows this because the statement is included right here, for him to read.



江佩樺女人摧毀了芝麻街的信譽,因為她指責我破壞了自己的聲譽。我自己的律師楊雅筑小姐離開了此案,因為她被侮辱加拿大的律師故意允許偽證。 107年2月22日,徐乙彤女人堅持要錢在台灣法院無法幫助我。為了確保每個人都誠實,我公開回答每一個指控。這就是為什麼江佩樺女人摧毀了芝麻街的信譽。我對案件檔案(107年度偵字第10307號案件)的所有陳述都是出於仁慈的意圖。所有這些都是真的。

Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) destroys the credibility of Sesame Street because she accuses me of ruining her own reputation.  My own lawyer Ms. Elsa Yang (楊雅筑小姐) left the case because she was insulted that lawyers in Canada knowingly permitted perjury.  On 22 Feb 2018, Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) insisted that money cannot help me in Taiwan court.  To be sure that everyone is honest, I answer every accusation publicly.  That is why Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) destroys the credibility of Sesame Street.  All of my statements for the case file (107年度偵字第10307號案件) were written with benevolent intention.  All of them are true.




Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) is a manager at Kidsland (凱仕蘭).  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) is the vice president.  All employees listen to Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人). 




On 23 Oct 2018, there were 6 or 7 Kidsland (凱仕蘭) employees outside between 16:30 and 18:00.  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) allowed both Jane Lin (林貞吟女人) and Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) to stop me from sharing news with pedestrians.  Video evidence at






Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) is almost laughing as she tries to tear posters from my hand on 23 Oct 2018.




There are additional criminal proceedings against Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) and Ms. Stacy Huang (黃姿瑜女人).  Reference case file 107年度偵字第15047號案件.





Brief history of my illegal teaching employment at Kidsland (凱仕蘭):




On 20 May 2017, I arranged a meeting with Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) and Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人).  I told Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) that we needed the meeting.  I was not willing to meet clients of Kidsland (凱仕蘭) on 26 May 2017 without sharing my Canadian history.




I met Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) and Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) for 2 hours in Tainan City on 20 May 2017.  I told Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) about this story.  I specifically emphasized that this is important.  I was absolutely clear that I was in prison in Canada.  That was the purpose of the meeting.




Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) authorized Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) to remove the national criminal record check requirement from the contract.




On 26 May 2017, Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) emailed me the two-year contract.  I met Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人), Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人), and Ms. Stacy Huang (黃姿瑜女人) on 26 May 2017.  We signed the contract on that day. 




The contract violated Republic Of China (Taiwan) Tuition And Education Act Article 9(4).  It did not require me to submit a criminal record check from Canada.




I began working at Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) on 1 Aug 2017.




In Oct 2017, Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) and Ms. Stacy Huang (黃姿瑜女人) began threatening me.  The school desired to deceive its clients.  I informed the school that they are committing fraud if they do not allow me to be honest.  The school demanded its clients to trust me and told me to deceive its clients.




On 28 Dec 2017, Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) and Ms. Stacy Huang (黃姿瑜女人) met me for 1.5 hours.  The meeting was a crime against liberty.  Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) and Ms. Stacy Huang (黃姿瑜女人) threatened to fire me if I am honest with Sesame Street clients.  These managers literally demanded me to fix their crimes with more crime.  Can we agree they are delusional about the law?




On 20 Jan 2018, I helped the school perform a teaching demonstration at a new location in Tainan City.




On 22 Jan 2018, Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) emailed me.  I was dismissed from Kidsland (凱仕蘭) on 22 Jan 2018.  The email was submitted to a related civil court matter in the Tianan District Court.




On 4 May 2018, I attempted to mediate with Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人).  The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau (臺南市政府勞工局) arranged mediation.  Unfortunately, Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) sent illegal representation.




On 21 Sept 2018, a lawyer at The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau (臺南市政府勞工局) explained that Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) was an illegal representative on 4 May 2018. 




Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) began criminal proceedings against me in March 2018.  I did not learn of the allegation until 7 May 2018.  The lawyer explained that The Tainan City Government Labor Affairs Bureau (臺南市政府勞工局) does not have jurisdiction between parties of a criminal process.




On 4 May 2018, Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) also gave false testimony.  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) insisted that I was fired because I did not provide a criminal record check.  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) said that she gave me 3 days to get the criminal record check paper.  However, the email from Ms. Denise Xu (徐乙彤女人) negates that story.




On 17 Sept 2018, in a related civil court matter, a representative for Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) changed the story again.  The representative for Kidsland (凱仕蘭) claimed that I was dismissed for bad behaviour.  That allegation is also not true.



2018年1月20日星期六,我為凱仕蘭任教。一所學校改變了地點。有一個開放的房子。我被要求成為芝麻街的代表老師。我在開放的房子裡展示了芝麻街的材料。我沒資格教芝麻街的材料。該材料需要特殊培訓。芝麻街提供培訓。在凱仕蘭,我從未教過芝麻街的材料。 2018年1月20日是我的第一次也是唯一一次。 2018年1月20日還有許多其他教師可以教。

On Saturday 20 Jan 2018, I taught for Kidsland (凱仕蘭).  A school had changed locations.  There was an open house.  I was asked to be the representative teacher for Sesame Street.  I demonstrated Sesame Street material at the open house.  I was not qualified to teach Sesame Street material.  The material requires special training.  Sesame Street provides the training.  At Kidsland (凱仕蘭), I never taught Sesame Street material.  20 Jan 2018 was my first and only time.  There were many other teachers available to teach on 20 Jan 2018. 



江佩樺女人於2018年1月20日選擇我代表芝麻街凱仕蘭。如果她有其他老師,她為什麼選擇向我求助?這表明我沒有因不良行為而被解僱。她現在已經改變了她的故事兩次,她必須至少再改變一次她的故事才能做到正確。 2018年1月20日有一段表演視頻。參考

Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) chose me to represent Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) on 20 Jan 2018.  Why did she choose to ask me for help if she had other teachers available?  This demonstrates that I was not fired for bad behaviour.  She has changed her story two times now, and she will have to change her story at least once more before she gets it right.  There is a video of the performance on 20 Jan 2018.  Reference




On 20 Jan 2018, Kidsland (凱仕蘭) managers learned that I was in jail in Canada.  They learned because I told them.




Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) phoned my wife on Sunday 21 Jan 2018 at 23:00.  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) was not happy.  I was fired the next day.




Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) absolutely refuses to help me support Sesame Street.  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) has been trying to cover her crimes.  The only way to solve all cases is with an agreement. 





Relevant Canadian history:




In Canada, I was arrested for possessing 3.5 grams of Marijuana.  The date was 3 Sept 2012.  The arresting officer was Sergeant Douglas Henderson.  This was my very first arrest.  It occurred at Johnson's Beach in the city of Barrie, Ontario.  I created the arrest.  I walked to the officer and I asked to be arrested just to write this story. 




Police in Canada must give a trial.  Police denied me the right to a criminal trial.  I told him what I was doing.  This is a very simple story.  I write down what people do to cover their own crimes.  With media, I can easily raise the money to build a school for the book A Course In Miracles.  The rest is just time. 




Sergeant Henderson told me that we will begin criminal proceedings after a visit to the hospital.  I was a college teacher at the time.  I designed this story.  I never imaged that a police officer would lie. 



巴里市警察在同一天,2012年9月3日改變了他們的故事。偵探Brian_Read在2012年9月3日寫了一份報告。他於2012年9月4日發表了報告。在報告中,Read先生解釋說我因攻擊摩門教徒而被捕。具體來說,Read先生指責我跟踪了巴里摩門教基督社區的財務主管。偵探Brian Read的所有指控都是錯誤的。

City of Barrie police changed their story on that same day, 3 Sept 2012.  Detective Brian Read wrote a report on 3 Sept 2012.  He published it on 4 Sept 2012.  In the report, Mr. Read explains that I was arrested for attacking Mormons.  Specifically, Mr. Read accused me of stalking the treasurer of the Barrie Mormon Community Of Christ.  All allegations from detective Brian Read are false.




It is true that this story began with an argument about the word "God".  I was specifically emailing senior Mormon Community Of Christ ministers Tim Stanlick and Kris Judd.  They are located in the United States.




The constitution of Canada assures that every Canadian has the right to a fair criminal trial for any criminal allegation.  Police denied me a criminal trial.  I was imprisoned at Royal Victoria Regional Healthcare Centre (RVH Hospital) in Barrie.  The hospital is a prison according to the legal definition in The Criminal Code Of Canada.  I was in prison at the hospital from 3 Sept 2012 until 30 Oct 2012.




Doctors removed my right to refuse medication.  Then they forcibly injected me.  They called me delusional for this story.  The story is limitless and bigger than they can imagine, but it is not wrong.  There is no delusion in this story.  That is why the law exists.  The law exists to settle dispute about delusions.



自2012年被捕以來,我一直在與醫生爭論。醫生們堅持說我是妄想症。事實上,我於2015年7月3日在Barrie的法庭上採訪了一位C-14-6966號文件的醫生。醫生是James_Karagianis。我在 上添加了法庭成績單。它從第115頁開始。

I have been arguing with doctors since my arrest in 2012.  Doctors insist that I am delusional.  In fact, I interviewed one doctor in court at Barrie for file C-14-6966 on 3 July 2015.  The doctor was James Karagianis.  I added the court transcript to the story at .  It begins on page 115.



完整的書(目前在 上247頁)被提交給欺詐案件文件107年度他字第2966號案件。它的標題是“幸福生活中的爭論中的選擇:我自2012年以來尋求全球和平的總結”。來自偵探Brian_Read的2012年9月4日報告以及來自加拿大的其他重要文件也包括在內。

The full book (247 pages currently at ) was submitted to the fraud case file 107年度他字第2966號案件.  It is titled "The Choice Amidst The Argument In The Business Of Being Happy: a summary of my quest for worldwide peace since 2012".  The 4 Sept 2012 report from detective Brian Read and other key documents from Canada are also included.




Find a copy of the book in the folder at the QR code:





I requested the 3 July 2015 hearing to ask the court for help.  Canadian police accuse individuals of crimes.  Police arrest individuals and imprison them into a hospital.  The police openly deny individuals the right to a criminal trial.  This actually happens all over the world.  This does not help any of us.  We cannot allow this to continue.




The court allows doctors to presume guilt.  When the individual protests, the doctor calls it evidence of delusion.  The prisoners are never allowed to record their statements.  Many individuals spend years in prison for crimes that they sometimes did not commit.  The individual cannot demonstrate justice to the public because there is no direct recording!  The individual never receives a trial.  Doctors can literally do whatever they want in Canada.




On 3 July 2015, I tried to set a new legal precedent in Canada.  I asked the court to allow me to have my statements recorded.  This allows me to demonstrate that doctors are dishonestly changing my statements.  Then all other hospital prisoners will also be allowed to record their statements.  That ensures honesty for everyone.  The court did not know what to do.  It listened to the doctor.  The doctor told the court not to allow it.  Please read the 3 July 2015 transcript for yourself.  Prisoners inside a hospital are not allowed to have their statements verbatim recorded. 




I arranged a class trip to a mental ward for my college class in 2010.  When I first visited, I was shy.  I thought the people were dangerous.  I thought they belonged in the prison inside the hospital.  When I was put into that same prison in 2012, my eyes opened.  I discovered what is happening in Canada.  I have choice to react.  This story is that reaction.  I will push the story and break the government of Taiwan if it refuses to help me correct this massive global injustice.  It is a very big story.




The Nuremberg Principles will allow China to conquer Taiwan legally in court.  It directly helps China (中華人民共和國) when Taiwan police and prosecutors refuse assistance to stop crime at a large school.  Even larger than schools are churches.  Churches tell people that we all share one mind.  We literally live inside God's head pretending to be separate people.  Churches then tell people that God is happy when people give more money to the church.  Do you think God wants people to spend money on something that everyone will always share equally? 



教堂是一個絕對欺詐的企業。他們在國際範圍內洗錢並散佈對現實的妄想。我完全支持中國(中華人民共和國)註冊每一個教會。在教會中分享的反政府宣傳並不能幫助任何國家。此外,如果任何教會不幫助我在台灣倡導正義,那麼他們就直接挑戰上帝。 (我不是上帝,但我可以代表每個人共同分享的事情。)我沒有工作,警察什麼也不做,學校經理被允許破壞我的聲譽?這值得幾個刑事訴訟。如果台灣檢察官像加拿大檢察官一樣不誠實,我將在中國從國際上呼籲。

Churches are an absolutely fraudulent business.  They launder money on an international scale and spread delusion about reality.  I fully support China (中華人民共和國) to register every single church.  Anti-government propaganda shared in churches is not something that helps any country.  Additionally, if any church does not help me advocate for justice in Taiwan, then they are directly challenging God.  (I am not God, but I can speak for something that everyone shares together.)  I am left without work while police do nothing and school managers are allowed to destroy my reputation?  That's worth several criminal proceedings.  I will appeal this internationally from China if Taiwan prosecutors are as dishonest as Canadian prosecutors. 




This is the biggest case that the media will have ever seen.  Specifically for the news, doctor Anjana Chawla bribed me to stop writing in 2012.  She insisted that I was guilty of crime.  She has no idea how many crimes she continues to commit in the fraudulent healthcare that she administers.  She knew that police did not allow me to have a trial.  Will the media allow her to be my judge, jury, and executioner?  In total, ten doctors in Canada are involved.





Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) is clearly confused about law.  Her confusion is a sign of mental illness.  Police explained that she does not own the road.  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) said Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) donated the road to the public government of Taiwan.  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) considers Mr. Yide Lin (林義德男人) to still own the road.  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女人) believes the police are incorrect.  Reference item 18.  More video evidence is available.  I expect to add it to a petition update later.  This satisfies my earlier statement that Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭) hires mentally ill managers.






I do require money to survive in this world.  There is a legal way for me to work for Kidsland Sesame Street (芝麻街凱仕蘭).  I can be the new Foreign Marketing Director.  However, there is also a legal way that I can continue teaching.  It involves applying The Republic Of China (Taiwan) constitution to The Tuition And Education Act Article 9(4).  I have already submitted the argument.  Reference





Two witnesses:




There are two key witnesses to this case.  In Canada, it is possible for witnesses to testify with a video call.  I require two important witnesses for this case.  I will provide their names and addresses at a later date.  The witnesses are currently rivals of each other.  They both support this case.  In fact, the witnesses can directly prevent a military conflict between China (中華人民共和國) and Taiwan (中華民國).




Rene Helmerichs


31 Oct 2018


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