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Evidence required for court. 法院要求的證據。

Rene Helmerichs

Oct 29, 2018 — 

中國人在下面。 Chinese is below. 


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Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女士) requested evidence for 芝麻街凱仕蘭 on 25 Oct 2018.  


About Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女士), please reference


The Legal Aid Foundation offered a lawyer for case file 107年度偵字第10307號案件.  The case is currently in The Tainan District Prosecutor's Office.


Lawyer Ms. Yang (楊雅筑小姐) stated false justification to leave the case. 


Representatives for The Legal Aid foundation are now denying legal support.  Is a Legal Aid Foundation allowed to deny legal support to a person who submitted more than 3 cases in one year?


Ms. Elsa Yang (楊雅筑小姐) could not accept that prosecutors allowed witnesses to give false testimony in Canada.  She was quite polite but quite upset.  Reference (.jpg)


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Ms. Elsa Yang (楊雅筑小姐) knew that case file case file 107年度偵字第10307號案件 poses a national security risk to Taiwan.  Ms. Yang (楊雅筑小姐) wrote that she did not understand.  Ms. Yang (楊雅筑小姐) did not ask further questions.  Ms. Yang (楊雅筑小姐) demanded that her client accept her defence without question.  Can an honest lawyer do this?


The problem is publicity.  Ms. Yang (楊雅筑小姐) does not want to believe that prosecutors in Canada were dishonest.


In Canada, a man was arrested for a criminal offence on 3 Sept 2012.  Police did not allow him to have a criminal trial.  In fact, the official record was altered.  Barrie (Ontario, Canada) police officer Douglas Henderson arrested the man for possession of 3.5 grams of marijuana on 3 Sept 2012.  He was accused of other crimes the next day.


Detective Brian Read (#731) wrote a police report on 4 Sept 2012.  He states that the man was arrested for other crimes.  In both cases, the man (Rene Helmerichs) was not allowed a criminal trial.  He was arrested and taken to prison.  The prison was inside a hospital. 


When the man protested, doctors forcibly injected him.  He was denied a criminal trial in Canada.  This opposes the Canadian constitution. 


Everyone believes Canada is a fair country.  How can a person defend against dishonest lawyers?  Canada routinely denies people the right to a criminal trial for criminal allegations.


This case is now in Taiwan.  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女士) hired the Canadian to teach.  She knew that he was in jail in Canada.  Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女士) hired him against national Taiwan Education Act regulation 9(4).  The man asked for help.  江佩樺女士 fired the man.  This did not help, and it opposes the law in Taiwan.  The man still needs help.


This will take some time.  Please reference future updates in this global petition at


The video is linked at


The video is for the proceedings of 25 Oct 2018.  The proceedings occurred 25 Oct 2018 in The Tainan District Prosecutor's Office.  The case file is 107年度偵字第10307號案件.  The translator on 25 Oct 2018 said "about students kissing".  The translator did not translate the entire allegation.  The video is in response that that allegation.


Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女士) is actively preventing advertisement of the 3 July 2015 Barrie courthouse transcript for case life C-14-6966.  That transcript demonstrates an end to psychiatry.  A psychiatrist requested the court deny verbatim recording of statements for an individual attempting to self-defend against psychiatrists.  The Canada court granted the request.  Find the transcript on pages 115-164 of the (.pdf) at


For more information about Ms. Clare Chiang (江佩樺女士), please reference the 23 Oct 2018 update at


Thank you for your patience.  It is an exceptional story.


Rene Helmerichs

29 Oct 2018.




English is above. 英語在上面。
















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在加拿大,一名男子於2012年9月3日因刑事罪被捕。警方不允許他進行刑事審判。事實上,官方記錄被改變了。 Barrie(加拿大安大略省)警官Douglas Henderson於2012年9月3日逮捕了該男子因藏有3.5克大麻而被捕。他於次日被指控犯有其他罪行。


偵探Brian Read(#731)於2012年9月4日撰寫了一份警方報告。他說這名男子因其他罪行被捕。在這兩起案件中,該男子(Rene Helmerichs)都未獲准進行刑事審判。他被捕並被帶入監獄。監獄在醫院裡面。








這需要一些時間。請參閱 上此全球請願書的未來更新






江佩樺女士正在積極阻止2015年7月3日巴里法院成績單C-14-6966的廣告。該成績單顯示了精神病學的終結。一名精神科醫生要求法院拒絕逐字記錄試圖為精神科醫生進行自衛的個人的陳述。加拿大法院批准了該請求。在 上找到(.pdf)第115-164頁的成績單








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