Stop prosecution of Khachaturyan sisters – victims of sexual and domestic violence

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Recently the Khachaturyan sisters were charged under Article 105, subpart 2 – “Murder following a conspiracy by several individuals”. The investigation confirmed the fact the girls were systematically sexually and physically abused and lived in an atmosphere permeated with the all-encompassing threat of violence. This indictment (if convicted) condemns the girls who have already suffered severe long term abuse to up to 20 years behind bars for refusing to submit to further beatings and rapes.

We demand that the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastyrkin take this case under his personal control, to quash the indictment against the Khachaturyan sisters and to indict the deceased posthumously.


1. According to the Supreme Court precedent “The courts’ application of self-defense laws and cause of harm to detention of individuals accused of crimes” -- “Self-defense laws apply to situations where the commission of a crime has a prolonged and continuing nature, such as unlawful detention, hostage-taking, torture, etc.”

Since the facts of violence, including sexual, were amply established during the course of the investigation from available evidence, the order of the official actions must be as follows: indict Khachaturyan posthumously on criminal charges and quash the indictment against his daughters since their actions amount to self-defense against their father’s prolonged and continuing crime.

2. The authorities qualified this act as a conspiracy even though the evidence reveals no meeting of the minds and no coordinated plan.

To wit: Kristina ran into her father’s room under the impression that he was raping her sisters. She tried to put some pepper spray on his face but failed (as revealed by the autopsy report). There was no plan to her actions. After that she ran into the lobby of the apartment building and just stood there. This is confirmed by the evidence and testimony of the other two sisters. However, Kristina’s lawyers’ request to quash the indictment against her was denied.

Maria, the youngest of the sisters, was held to have had a diminished mental state at the time of the murder by a panel of court-appointed psychiatrists. That means she was not aware of the implications and consequences of her actions.

Consequently, there is no group crime, let alone a conspiracy to commit one.

We demand that the authorities follow Article 37 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code, which guarantees all citizens the right to defend one’s life and bodily integrity against abuse and violence!