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Stop Police Brutality Against Black People

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According to the national police Misconduct statistics and reporting project  statistics which started from 03/09-06/10 there has been 5,986 reports of police brutality that are reported resulting in 382 of deaths, a great majority of these individuals have been black men and women. But due to the amount of fear that police uses to terrorize the black community these numbers just represent only the alleged reports that reached a court room and where even charged, most victims of police brutality do not report it to the proper authorities for fear of retaliation from a police force who has sworn to serve and protect them.

What is worst is that out of those 5,986 reports only 33% went through conviction, only 64% has received a prison sentence and on an average the police only serve a maximum of 14 months.

In the entire year of 2010 until now there has been 2,541 reports of police brutality in which 23.3% has been extreme and excessive force and 10.6% has been sexual misconduct.

Let us stand together now as we show our elected officials locally, nationally and globally that we are willing to come together to end the tyranny of corrupt police officers by signing a petition that will change the world!!


It is time for us to come as one and stand together against police brutality which terrorizes the black community every single day, black men and women are especially defenseless to police cruelty due to lack of access to lawyers and information on how to go about filing a report against a police officer who has hurt them physically or sexually, many in the black community have simply given up and accepted these circumstances as normal.

But it is time to stop the decades and historic terror, violence and hopelessness of our black people not only in the U.S.A but also globally in which some countries do not even make reports about police brutality.

In the state of New York alone, racial profiling laws like “Stop & Frisk” has given power to the police forces to stop anyone for any reason no matter how insignificant the reason is, in the years of 2006-2009 (according to websites like almost 3 million of these stops have occurred with 90% of them bieng black and latino youths.

The historic accounts of police brutality stems from the practice of lynching that has happened in the south in which an entire community would take it upon themselves to hunt down black men and women and kill them, now in these times unfortunantly the police system across america and the world has adopted these very same disturbing practices!

There countless of reports and undocumented incidents of this “stop & frisk” law and police brutality and murder all over the major cities of our nation, one main example of this is when San Francisco Police officers peppered sprayed and then shot and killed a black man who was bound to a wheel chair! On january 4,2011, 4 undercover and one uniformed police officer surrounded a wheel-chair bound Randall Phillip Dunklin 55 and murdered him in cold blood! Also in 2010 a college student of Pace University named Danroy Henry 20 years old was also shot and killed by police.

We need you to stand up and sign a petition which will be a million strong to show our government and the world that we will no longer stand by against violence, corruption and murder by our police forces.

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