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Stop Pharmaceutical Companies from Getting Away with Murder!

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Unsafe Prescription Drugs

There are so many drugs on the market that are killing or unnecessarily harming people and many of these companies are even aware of this, yet keep the drugs on the shelf for their own profit!  This is ludicrous!  Just one example is the fact that one researcher estimated, had Bayer acted responsibly, it would have saved at least 22,000 lives.  In September 2006, a Reuters news report confirmed that Bayer said it was an error  that they failed to let the FDA know of a study regarding the risks of Trasylol (aprotinin), a heart surgery drug.

In lieu of the excuses the company gives, a recent hospital record evaluation of 67,000 patients has shown increase risks of death, severe kidney damage, congestive heart failure, and strokes with Trasylol use.   According to German scientist, Dr. Juergen Fischer, who was interviewed for a 60 Minutes segment, Bayer AG has known since the 1980s that Trasylol caused severe kidney damage, but undertook no study during the drug's development to look at these side effects. 

Furthermore, there have always been safer alternatives.  Trasylol’s competitors, Amicar and Cyklokapron, cost $11.00 and $44.00 per dose, respectively.  However, Trasylol costs $1,300 per dose.  The New England Journal of Medicine reports that Amicar and Cyklokapron are safer than Trasylol, and are not associated with increased risks of stroke, kidney damage, or heart attacks.  Bayer had a significant profit motive to keep the drug on the market and to hide data that it accumulated showing the drug was dangerous.  In 2005, Trasylol was Bayer’s 11th top selling drug at $293 million.  They anticipated the drug would reach over $600 million, annually. 

No one else in the world is allowed to kill people, much less for GREED, and get away with it, so why do pharmaceutical companies have different rules?  This is just one example of many and these companies need to be punished and fined HEAVILY so that the profits won't outweigh the lawsuits, and maybe then they will ensure to have safer products!

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