Stop nationality restrictions in Coursera!

Stop nationality restrictions in Coursera!

1,392 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!

Why this petition matters

Started by Nick Knyazev


Imagine the world where knowledge is shared over country borders, language and nations. This dream was injured by Coursera officials today. 

All Russian students and lecturers recieved a letter with notification about removal of all  Russian educational courses, campus programs and termination of access to paid features and courses.

Russia is a multinational country of more than 140 million people with different beliefs and hopes. A lot of Russian people started arguing with president Putin over Russian military actions in Ukraine, they say “No War” even in case of danger to their freedom (more than 8 000 Russians were detained at antiwar rallies in the first week of conflict). Russian universities welcome students from Ukraine. Many of these people feel obliged and show incredible bravery to stand against violence. These people deserve access to education.

This story is not only about Ukraine but also about humanity and civilization in general.

Over time knowledge supports humanity and freedom. Lack of education helps dictators manipulate people.

During its operation Coursera earned trust of Russian university campus programs and a lot of lecturers rely on the company. Lectures share knowledge through Coursera and this opportunity has become an important part of the education process all over the world, including Russia. New course restrictions for Russian students, lecturers and universities highly influence the educational process and restrict access to knowledge for millions of people.

We respect companies with social responsibilities. We understand sanctions restrictions for business. But restrictions  on knowledge and education only help those who profit from obscurantism. Education grants resilience to propaganda, brainwashing and savagery. Denying access to education in Russia you unwillingly help Putin's propaganda. Educational opportunities shouldn’t be dependent on nationality, race or gender.

To sum up we ask Coursera to:

1.     Explain whether Coursera actions are mandatory by laws, sanctions and other restrictions and if so - what actions exactly are mandatory

2.     Keep Russian non-profit courses (or courses in non-profit mode) operational and available to  everyone, including Russian students

3.     Elucidate the ways to access paid courses and features for Russian citizens in case of sanctions and new rules.

4.     Elucidate the ways for paid courses creation for Russian lectures in case of sanctions

5.    Elaborate on Coursera policy to avoid racism and nationalism in its operations in the future

1,392 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!