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Farmers are right now buying their seeds for the Spring planting---even as new information is coming to light about the dangers of Monsanto's GMO seeds. First, client farmers are now being required to sign a new waiver accepting all liability for any and all damages the GMO product may ever cause---even if the farmer doesn't buy the product again for 20 years! Obviously, Monsanto KNOWS its products are dangerous! Second, reports have recently come to light that illness, miscarriages, and death are occurring in livestock exposed to Monsanto's GMO products.

The dangers of Monsanto's GMO soy and corn are already well documented. However, those dangers have just been expanded exponentially with the FDA's recent approval of Monsanto's GMO alfalfa. Most alfalfa is successfully grown without need of pesticides, making GMO alfalfa's resistence to it unnecessary. It still carries the risks from being genetically modified. However, GMO alfalfa is particularly dangerous because it's a perennial crop, and can re-sow itself in perpetuity.

GMO products are an unknown, unleashed on the market without the necessary ---and usually required---testing, yet which have the potential to cause catastrophic damage to human health and the global environment. Ask President Obama and Congress to put a moritorium on GMO products until proper, long-term studies have been conducted to prove they are safe.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
I'm writing to ask you to put a moratorium on all GMO agricultural products until proper, long-term testing can be done to ensure their safety.

Over the past several years, increasing evidence has gathered concerning the dangers of Monsanto's GMO corn and soy products. They include :
- infiltrating neighboring crops, thereby contaminating them and destroying their marketability.;
- causing a new breed of herbicide-resistant "Superweeds" which then require stronger, more-dangerous herbicides (such as those containing 2,4T, an ingredient of Agent Orange) to kill;
- raising scientists' concerns as a prime suspect in "hive death", the new and spreading phenomenon in which whole colonies of bees suddenly die off. Of course, without pollinators, life on earth will end; and
- never having had the usual long-term safety testing---especially needed here because these are new, artificially-created products being introduced into the food chain.

Now we learn that Monsanto is now requiring customers of it's GMO seeds to sign a release accepting all liability for any and all damages which may ever be claimed---and that new evidence has surfaced linking livestock illness, miscarriage and death with exposure to GMO crops.

These dangers have just been increased exponentially by the recent FDA approval of Monsanto's GMO Roundup-Ready Alfalfa---the need for which is questionable because most alfalfa is grown quite successfully without the need for any herbicide at all. This product is especially troubling because alfalfa is a perennial plant which will continue to spread and sow itself for many years to come.

GMO products may be an irreversible catastrophe just waiting to happen---but we may not find out until it's too late, unless the proper testing is finally undertaken. I urge you to put a moratorium on all GMO agricultural products until rigorous, long-term testing can be completed which can prove these products are safe.

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