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STOP monkey performance: Crying for rescue - Sukanya Kadyan


Monkey have wild character, protected under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 but these performing animals are wearing cloths, smoking cigrette in the streets of India, Govt. of India ban its performance but failed to their immediate rescue and rehabilitation.

Letter to
HE Governor of Haryana
CS to Delhi
PS to LG of Delhi
and 16 others
Abhishek Kadyan, Member, State Board for Wildlife, Haryana
Hon'ble Minister
Inspector General, Wildlife
Member Secretary, State Board for Wildlife, Haryana
Wildlife Crime Control Bureau - WCCB
Secretary to MoEF
Cabinet Secretary to Govt. of India
HE Vice President of India
Hon'ble Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Haryana
HE President of India
Animal Welfare Division
Rajya Sabha Committee on Petitions
Hon'ble Minister of Environment and Forest
Animal welfare board of India
CWLW of Delhi
Rescue and rehabilitation of all dancing monkeys in India: take strict legal action against all so called dancing bear owners, who sold their scheduled wild animals to Wildlife sos and WTI against cash payment but dancing monkeys are being left unattended. Naresh Kadian introduced the scheme of rehabilitation of Kalanders in 1999-2000 before then Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, which was implemented by the above said two NGO's but no FIR was lodged against Kalanders being an illegal guardian of bear, which were rescued by the Wildlife sos etc against payment, WCCB may kindly be directed to inquire about the illegal trade of bear amongst the NGO's and Kalanders. We further demand immediate rescue and rehabilitation of all performing monkeys framing time bound policy, Koshi Kalan border of Haryana needs attention.
Media reports:
For several hundred years, the Kalandar community – a nomadic tribe – has trained sloth bears to dance as a source of income. The bears would be poached from their forest habitat, sold to the Kalandar communities, and live out their lives at the end of a rope. In 2002 Wildlife SOS started a project to protect these dancing bears and have since rescued approximately 1000 bears from the streets. Wildlife SOS took an inspiring approach to rescuing the sloth bears. In addition to giving the bears a new home, they have worked with the Kalandar families to provide vocational training, education for their children, and seed money to start new businesses. Since 2002 over 600 bears have been surrendered voluntarily by their owners. In addition to providing training, many former bear owners now work at the bear rescue facility and others are being trained on as support staff.
The UN affiliated OIPA - Indian People for Animals demands FIR against all 600 Kalanders, who was claimed to be a owner of the scheduled one wild animals, in fact these animals were traded against cash payment by the Wildlife sos, co accused in illegal trade of wild animals.
All dancing monkeys be rescued and rehabilitated immediately, it is further requested to de list monkey, who born and brought up in human habitat along with blue bull from the protection cover of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 because these monkey look like wild monkey by their shape and size but do not have wild character and eating habits, as Japanese quail de listed, this matter was raised by Abhishek Kadian, Member, State Board for Wildlife, Haryana. Miss Sukanya Kadian further requested to ban elephant presence in all Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, CWLW of Delhi be directed to cancel ownership certificates of captive elephants along with reptiles and snakes.

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