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STOP man animal conflict : AWBI became Ajoba - Naresh Kadyan


Leopard was killed in Faridabad but offenders are not yet arrested, like wise another leopard was died in Maharashtra, people comes forward to make commercial film for gain, profit, pride and to use as publicity tool, AWBI became Ajoba: Leopard display permission granted ignoring its own gazette notification, where as exhibition of tiger, leopard, lion, monkey, bear and bull.

Letter to
The Deputy Commissioner, Faridabad.
OIPA - Indian People for Animals
Indian Broadcasting Foundation
and 16 others
News Broadcasting Standards Authority
News Broadcasters Association
STAR India Private Limited
The Secretary, Press Council of India
The Commissioner of Faridabad Police,
Shri Shashank Kulkarni
120/121,"A" Wing, Jai Ganesh Vision, Akurdi, Pune M/s Supreme Motion Pictures P Ltd
Central Board of Film Certification Shri Jitendra Pratap Singh, Regional Officer, Mumbai
Central Board of Film Certification Smt. Pankaja Thakur, CEO
The Cabinet Secretary to Govt. of India
The Commissioner of Mumbai Police
The Wildlife Crime Control Bureau - WCCB
The Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forest
Animal Welfare Division
Animal Welfare Board of India
Hon'ble Minister for Information and Broadcasting
AWBI became Ajoba: Leopard display permission granted ignoring its own gazette notification, if permission was necessary then with draw the ban of the performance, display, exhibition of six species tiger, leopard, lion, monkey, bear and bull? Veera TV serial telecast on Star plus and tiger exhibited, perform in many regular episodes in mid June, 2013, why and how?
1. Tiger and Leopard are scheduled one protected wild animal under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.
2. Five wild species of performing animals banned in India, training, possession, performance and exhibition.
3. Bull also included in ban list but bullock also exhibited in films, why AWBI granting permission?
4. Performing animal should be registered with the AWBI, Tiger and Leopard can't be registered as performing animals.
5. AWBI have granted exhibition of leopard conditionally for Ajoba, like wise exhibition of Tiger granted for Veera TV serial but exhibition in any kind of both wild animals is prohibited in India.
6. When Vodaphone Pug dog documentary was prepared in Africa, AWBI issued notice, AWBI always opposed bullock cart races then how and why AWBI grant permission conditionally?
7. Ajoba film producers released poster, trailer of the films on internet before AWBI permission, which was granted on July 4, 2013 but trailer, poster released on June 1, 2013. Why Ajoba producers was so much confident that they will get permission from AWBI for exhibition of leopard?
8. Ban performing species animals were also in the stock of circuses and we have rescued all ban species, like wise performing bear rescued from the streets, dancing monkey needs attention, snake charmers earning their bread and butter from animal performance but these activities are illegal against the Gazette Notification and law concerned, why double standard applied in case of Ajoba; a commercial film?
9. AWBI withdraw permission and Ajoba film release be banned. It would be pertinent to mention here that Cheetah project was opposed by OIPA in India, only due to concerned Board approval and protection cover under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 required. Leopard became a publicity tool for Ajoba film, shame....shame, double standard. Please don't encroach in the natural habitat of wild animals, look on man animal conflict to handle and khedi Gujran, Faridabad FIR No. 26, dated January 13, 2011 leopard killers be arrested.
The News Broadcasting Standards Authority, Indian Broadcasting Foundation and Press Council of India are requested to please take strict action against all offenders of Veera serial producer, Director, Financier and Promoter along with STAR Plus TV channel.

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