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STOP manufacturers making Antifreeze DEADLY to animals & humans by making it unpalatable.

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Anti freeze is one of the most common products used for the purpose of poisoning animals/pets (and humans). Even when not pre meditated anti freeze just being spilt outside from error or a car leak has been many a cause of animal deaths over the years. The most to suffer in this country are dogs, cats and foxes. In more sinister cases, it has become common for people to mix this product in with foods and treats that animals like to lure them to eat it. Recent bouts have been antifreeze mixed in with sausage meat and left in parks and fields for dogs to inevitabley eat up and also mixed with fish and cat food and left in gardens and under street bushes/trees for cats and foxes to fall victim to. Ultimately concluding in severe ill health, excruciating pain, coma and death.

A report in 2014 stated that the highest percent of accidental poisoning was in children between the ages of 1 and 4, due to getting their hands on a bottle and sipping it like a drink. The same report suggested that the brands out there already with a bittering agent in were proved more effective as one tiny sip would taste so vile you would instinctively spit it out no matter what age. This is in no way a deterrent for children (I'm just stating facts) so please always keep your antifreeze and other chemicals locked securely away at all times.  Also around the world (highest percent in the US) antifreeze has been used as the aid in many teenage suicides, we can't stop this by changing a product but we can make it less easy by making it taste less 'nice'.  Humans (both adults and children) have also been subject to pre meditated antifreeze poisoning with the purpose of causing death/murder, some very famous stories if you wish to research. To surmise, whether accidental or not... this product, with its attractive taste is LETHAL. 

The reason being is the sweet tasting culprit called 'ethylene glycol', making it seductive & appetising to animals and almost undetectable to humans if mixed with food or drink. Just a teaspoon amount of the glycol in animals is enough to kill, with the same destruction it does it humans... it attacks the central nervous system and kidneys. If you've ever witnessed an animal (or human) suffer the effects of this poisoning you'd have signed this already. 

I've started this petition today to go to our local MP, who I'm holding faith with, to be able to assist our pledge and go to higher authorities/trading standards (to whom I will personally continue this fight) to make it LAW that ALL manufacturers of antifreeze have to add a bittering agent into their formulations to make it unpalatable to animals and humans alike. After working within the manufacturing industry for ten years I know that even if this law is passed then the minimal tolerance levels given (which will be the amount most manufacturers use to try and avoid disrupting their existing formulations as little as possible) for this ingredient will probably still be undetectable by taste, so this petition is not only to add a bittering agent but to add enough of it that it is DETECTABLE enough to make UNPALATABLE.

My reserach has shown me that it can be done, and that some antifreeze manufacturers across the world have indeed made these changes & I believe the law has been passed in some states in the US. 

Please please sign, even if you don't have pets or haven't suffered a loss yourself from this product. Such a small gesture from you in the form of your signiture may enable these changes and save a lot of unnecessary deaths and heartache in the future. Whether it be your pets, wildlife or heaven forbid your children, please sign this before it's too late.

Please feel free to comment your support (if it's negative opinions - don't bother) and any stories or experiences of your own that relate to this subject. 

Thank you, Victoria Montgomery. 




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