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Stop Killing Deer/Perpetuating Myth That Killing Deer = Population Control

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Not just animal rights, but human rights, as Public Trust Doctrine is violated, in that wildlife belongs to everyone, not just special interest hunters; and just Solon Ohio, but numerous others across NE Ohio and Ohio at large, this is a demand that the Ohio Div. of Wild"Death" stop perpetuating myths re: deer population control via lethal methods. On November 8, 2011, The City of Solon Ohio voted on the Deer Preservation Act in favor of killing deer there. In spite of overwhelming science-based evidence that ALL lethal methods result in Compensatory Rebound Effect (CRE) -- whereby fewer deer means less competition for food/overall increase in herd health/fertility (Solon spent $800,000 over four years killing roughly 1,600 deer and they rebounded as predicted by 2010), Solon's Public Works director, a bowhunter himself, and most of council, etc. tried to pass off a pilot bowhunting program which we thwarted last January, only to fight the fight of our lives the past 10 months. The League of Humane Voters Ohio and with the help of two pro bono attorneys got Issue 94 on the ballot, and it failed yesterday; almost 40 percent voted against lethal methods, and Solon's "Comprehensive Management Program" does not incude ANY nonlethal methods. NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP: Please demand that Solon stop killing deer via ANY method, and allow their populations to level off naturally. Don't forget: one of the three kill methods Solon contracted USDA Wildlife Services to administer will be the captive bolt, designed for use ONLY on cows in slaughterhouses [cruel enough], which results in repeated stabbing of terrified deer trapped in cages in an effort to subdue them, but often, deer are hit in the eyes and other parts of the neck and head before the captive bolt finally strikes the forehead; see SHARK video on "lethal" pull down menu to find out the truth about Solon's plans. Solon officials are behaving foolishly. Please demand they stop this barbaric, shorthsighted killing of innocent herbivores. Remember, forty percent of Solonites voted against killing, and that means something. Please sign today. P.S. Even the Ohio Division of Wild"Death" does not deny compensatory rebound effect and, in fact, admits to profiting off keeping a high number of live targets through its refusal to make birth control an option; they also have admitted to a vested interest in profit through urban/suburban hunting propaganda. They, too, will be petitioned. Thank you, and God bless you for signing!

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