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Stop HOA Abuse, i.e., Eliminate Foreclosures Against Families for Previous Owners' Unpaid HOA Fees...

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Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.  As you will discover, that's exactly what Florida's judiciary has been doing all along; including depriving a vet mother and her children of their rights, solely, because they can't pay exuberant court fees incurred from mismanagement and waste, including but not limited to the building of a brand new courthouse and providing for predatory politics in a pension upgrade of $235,000 in taxpayer proceeds for State Attorney Angela Corey, while just recently entertaining OBAMACARE while, still, insidiously denying Constitutional protections for certain Floridians at a time when the aforesaid tax dollars should be spent on families in need; as oppose to, undue, luxuries and greed.

Yet, one can only wonder: how it is possible for "good men [to] do nothing"?  Perhaps, you'll find the answer as it is written:  "Just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead [James 2:26]."  Thereby, the only way for "good men [to] do nothing" is that they are as good as "dead"; so don't be deceived.  History shows us that honorable men are, always, compelled to serve and protect the people - even at the cost of their own lives - by taking action to demand justice.  

So imagine you work hard - a law abiding citizen - whose always paid your taxes and without any help from banks, the stimulus, or anyone (by the grace and mercy of God Himself), you manage to purchase a home for you and your children only to be forced into foreclosure, because the previous owner (a felon and stranger to you), allegedly, did not pay her debts.  

How quickly we've gone from predatory lending and liar loans to predatory claims and liar foreclosures in the State of Florida.

Consequently, Governor Rick Scott has (apparently) enabled judges, like Judge Don H. Lestor, who are willing to - at best - misinterpret the law by establishing conflicting policies in a misapplication that NOW allows the transfer of substantial debt from one family or individual to another whom can, then, effectively loose their home to foreclosure if, by chance, a Homeowners' Association targets YOU and YOU only, alleging the previous owners did not pay their own personal association fees.  In fact, I've discovered, you can even be charged (again) for fees the previous owner already paid.  That's Judge Don H. Lester's interpretation and he's accepted erroneous documentation - which reeks of fraud - in support of that very approach; under the color of law.

Yet, isn't that (actually) contrary to the law, which states that "only competent evidence may be considered"?  Except, behind closed doors in Florida, both double dipping and the provision of erroneous documentation in support IS apparently allowed; EVEN despite the law!

That's what I'm waiting on the First District Court of Appeals to decide; whether, in fact, a judge can rule in favor of Summary Judgment to Foreclose with an unverified and erroneous claim and whether he can do so without due process, a;;owing Oakleaf's Homeowners' Association to invidiously and discriminatorily target a particular family for the debts of another.

Thereby, you should support this petition, because it is callous and highly unreasonable to force one family into foreclosure for both the paid and unpaid HOA dues of another; which is, exactly, what a Clay County, FL judge [Don H. Lester] did in CASE NO: 2011-CA-1059; placing a vet/mother and her children at a considerable disadvantage based, solely, on the unverified and incompetent claim of Oakleaf's Homeowners' Association, under the management of Stellar Properties and despite the fact that a new purchaser has no way of either knowing or defending themselves against what transpired prior to them obtaining a property and, in fact, were not the beneficiary of services provided. Therefore, such fees should not be attached to homesteads, but to the individuals who enjoyed the services; with NO "double dipping". 

Does that make sense?

Moreover, on further evidence of an overtly erroneous claim submitted (deliberately) by the aforesaid HOA, said matter should be dismissed with prejudice!

Even so, I (recently) came home after the holidays only to discover Oakleaf Plantation Homeowners' Association has NOW engaged in retaliation, under the management of Stellar Properties; vindictively instructing ASAP Towing and Storage to  tow my vehicle from my residence, which I (immediately) reported stolen; given I had absolutely no notice or cause for concern that my vehicle could, simply, be taken as - once again - there was no "due process" and my mercedes was parked not illegally or in a towing zone but within feet of my residence.

Even so, after being notified by local law enforcement that said vehicle had (in fact) been towed, I contacted ASAP Towing and Storage who stated it was the HOA who contacted them due to an expired tag, which was renewed, promptly, as due process provides without either just cause or authorization to tow;  so REALLY?  Subsequently, the HOA claimed it was not them but Stellar Properties.  Talk about passing the buck!  

Nonetheless, I checked the law, pursuant to Section 715.07 and it shows concerns the towing is turly "unauthorized" and is, in fact, not in "strict" compliance with provisions noted in the law.  Yet, after numerous emails and letters, neither Oakleaf's HOA, nor ASAP Towing, has responded outside of my initial call and their demand for a huge payment in return for my vehicle, again,  towed without authorization by law; thereby, I've attempted to get them to repeat the amount in writing, to no avail and could not obtain the information from local law enforcement, because (again) contrary to the law, ASAP Towing never provided law enforcement with any rates, let alone what's "current".  

On top of that, when I went to pick up my vehicle, ASAP Towing refused to return it; despite the law and (in fact) I ended up calling out the Duval (keystone) cops, who couldn't comprehend the law and, thereby, did nothing. 

What a waste of our taxpayer dollars!

Even so, our constitution provides specifically that no one can be deprived of property absent due process.  That's right:  we have rights, people, despite Oakleaf HOA, Stellar Properties, and one (apparently) corrupt judge - in my opinion - Judge Don H. Lester, so don't give up:  STAND UP against greedy corporations and the predatory politicians who enable them!

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to "Stop foreclosures against families for previous owner's [ALLEGED] unpaid HOA fees" AND other abuses by Homeowner's Associations, like Oakleaf Plantation (under the management of Stellar Properties), which operate in constant violation of our rights, preferring to circumvent them as oppose to (actually) providing a service for the people; even forbidding residents from attaching their bicycles to bike racks, conveniently, built under the stairways of their residence.  That's, clearly, unreasonable!

Consequently, if possible, PLEASE DONATE $1, $5, or $10 (Every little bit counts: Mark 12:43-44):

785 Oakleaf Plantation Blvd, #1423, Orange Park, Fl 32065

***Note: We are the people and it's up to us to stand together to demand the kind of change that serves the people; even if we have to arrest the offenders to send the message:  it's time for change!  Will you help us stand? 

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