STOP ❌Forced Cremation in Sri Lanka ✍Act Now! ✅ it’s our rights to be buried❗️

STOP ❌Forced Cremation in Sri Lanka ✍Act Now! ✅ it’s our rights to be buried❗️

2 April 2020
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Sri Lanka President (Presidential Secretariat) and
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Started by One Leicester

❌ Stop Forced Cremation in  SriLanka ❌

☪️It’s our right to be buried as a Muslim✅

To all human beings in the UK, Europe and all other parts of the world who respect human, religious and cultural rights

Due to the Covid19, the Sri Lankan government have cremated the victim’s bodies instead of burying them. There were 2 options, burying them or cremation and they only used cremations even-though the WHO report had said and many countries agreed for Muslims to be buried. It’s totally against the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO Guidelines on COVID-19 Deceased in 2020).

However,the GOSL is uncompromising on the decision and continues the same as per its own biased view while the WHO guidelines clearly allows the burial of COVID-19 victims ,despite the objection from Muslims and sympathizers from the Buddhist, Christian and Hindu communities (Related Journals: Al-Jazeera | Amnesty Int. | DailyFT Sri Lanka)

Human Rights groups such as the OIC, UNSL, WHO, Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka and Universal Human Rights Council have recently issued denunciations and letters, but Sri Lankan health officials have been reluctant. They are stubborn in saying that and without mercy our relatives burn and our hearts are broken, for which they forcibly charge a huge sum of money.

We humbly request that human rights organisations condemn this act of stubbornness of these immortal stone-hearted people and due to this, many of our Muslims and the Christians are upset by this as they aren’t leaving this world in the correct way as it says in our religion. 

please sign this petition as frequently as you can so that we can make a difference.






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This petition made change with 22,621 supporters!

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