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On a daily basis, Children are taken away illegally from their parents by Child Protective Services and The Department of Children Family Services social workers due to false allegations of Child abuse.


The children are then subject to rape,molestation,abuse,neglect and murder while under the care of foster parents. I seek a NATIONWIDE/WORLDWIDE bill to impose a law that fines $10,000 for the misuse of the child protective abuse reporting hotline.


I seek the family and children's courts have a burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt of 100%,physical evidence.I also seek the fining and civil and criminal prosecution of such persons including social workers,medical providers,judges,and officers who knowingly falsify or omit reports,evidence,statements,or enter a home without a warrant.


I also seek the use of federal congressional hearings regarding holding accountable dcsf/cps any and all child protective agencies,officials,judges,cops etc all involved in corruption,fraud,false reporting, and abuse towards innocent children and families.


I seek an internal audit of the financial,family reunification and adoptions records of the department of children family services and child protective services from their beginning to current time.i seek audio and visual cameras be installed on social workers,judges,police officers and those working with children, to assist with honesty,ethical behavior and accountability.


I seek all those making reports of child abuse give video recorded statements and signed statement testimony under penalty of perjury also being required to attend to court to face the accused.

I seek the imprisonment of social workers who fail to act on due dilegence to notify fathers and families of a child’s illegal detention as well as an online database for social workers who illegally abuse their positions and for giving false information or created false claims of bench warrants that never existed or threatening parents to get restraining orders against each other despite no domestic history with threats that children cannot be obtained without one otherwise.


I seek children's court be made open to the public as well as there be juries assigned to children's court with the burden of proof being 100%with physical evidence to show proof of child abuse,may no child be removed from home without such proof of abuse base upon hearsay comments or false allegations.


I would like to refer this as the ROBINSON H.O.M.E. Act BILL. This petitioner's life has been marred in tragedy, and pain.Growing up in the system herself,Born into the system til age 18,living in over 50 different foster placements,group homes and facilities,the petitioner experienced foster care daily rape,molestation,forced to eat feces,starved,left in a nook under a staircase,had nose broken,and as a child I was exploited,trafficked,abused,neglected, abandoned and,tortured & more, later had children , illegally adopted from me despite having full custody of all children.

Due to the false allegations and social worker corruption, fraud,  falsification of case files ,the mother has lost her section 8 housing and wound up homeless on the streets as dcsf claimed she had a warrant that never existed,has lost her friends,her extended family hates her, and treats her as a pariah due to false allegations,her income and education has been affected,and the daily torture of knowing her kids have been sexually molested etc and neglected in the system has caused extreme pain,suffering,anguish and distress.The mother cries daily over this and has traumatic nightmares over this leading to loss of sleep,shakiness,racing heart,distress,& panic.The mother lives as a recluse for concern one may be traumatized again.


The mother has also been forced to pay the food stamp welfare cash aid programs all the money they gave her for her children back just because they were illegally detained.the social worker continues to abuse the section 8 public housing,welfare ,food stamp,cash aid,wic,social security,child support,Title IV programs to track children ,misappropriate funds & take children away from parents.


At birth the set of twins were put on ssa temporarily due to prematurity at birth.when mother attempted to stop SSI Services,as kids were no longer disabled and had grown more,The Burbank SSA office told her the social worker was the beneficiary of the ssi payments instead of kids and gave me a paper saying it.

The Social worker and Judge threatened to put mother in jail for years for having petitions online seeking justice on her case and for her youtube page that was advocating and helping others to advocate for their rights while dealing with dcfs/cps false allegations.The YouTube page no longer exist.


The petitioner is beside herself in grief,and morbid sadness due to the false allegations and due to the losses of her family. This petition was drawn up so no other family would suffer the utter sense of distress,bereavement,loss,anguish,and turmoil that false allegations can cause as was experienced by petitioner.


May no other family be broken apart due to false allegations or corrupt organizations abusing their power for financial or infernal purposes.This bill was drafted up due to a false allegation of partner abuse which led to the illegal search,seizure, entry into a home by police with keys,while the family was naked in tub and legal and emotional horrors that ensued despite the person making allegation admitting to legal aid,law enforcement,child protective and other authorities,neighbors,friends of petitioner and sources that he lied and forensic evidence proving such.


The male was part of a homeless group of friends the petitioner took of the streets to help but false allegations of ex partner abuse came up when it was time to leave the residence.The children were all adopted despite not being in home at time of false allegation.There was NO evidence of abuse or neglect on the children,and the male admitted to lying to the petitioner,friends,neighbors,an attorney in person,writing and video recording.


This family is now  ILLEGALLY ADOPTED and since the petitioner had a newborn in 2015,department of children family services wants the newborn simply because she was born with social worker claiming because mother no longer had other children it was justification for removal. The mother nearly gave birth in a hotel due to the fear of illegal detention as a social worker visit monitor was sitting in her car awaiting delivery of the mother’s child stalking her.

The social worker has made it clear any child the petitioner has will be taken from birth or “assessed” and seized due to not getting other family members back.The toddler was seized in January 2017 in which new child was seized,yet the mother was never told of the warrants or even served documents or shown any proof of such was she ever given any detention report for the new child ,yet the worker NEVER GAVE DUE PROCESS,DUE DILIGENCE,NOR DID SHE EVER SERVE ME THE ALLEGATIONS ON new child OR PROOF OF WARRANT. The mother was told by the courts the case has been closed for years and since Sydney was detained the warrant on both me and child were LIFTED and  Sydney REMOVED once child was  detained and the case CLOSED.

 I relocated out of California to another state where the social worker is continuing to harass and otherwise petition the new state to harass the mother by contacting medical providers, to do a 730 evaluation in which the mother already submitted to twice with the results showing no mental issues,yet mother has epilepsy seizures.mother is no threat to self or others and there is no need to detain her. The mother has side effects from seizure medication yet it is not something that warrants negative national attention,loss of civil rights,privacy or kin.

 The social worker has no jurisdiction in the new state yet is continuing her illegal activities. Her activities include putting all the case information which is false on social media and other methods throughout The new state "false alerts"slander,defamation,libel,propaganda campaign as well as calling and emailing  my medical providers and involving other parties(Welfare office, DMV,Airline Carriers,Etc) in the matter. My flights are being illegally cancelled and I don't know why.

There are continued hippa rights violations and human rights occurring with her and my medical medical records are being withheld or denied.The campaign of injustice also entails falsification of documents as well as failure to notify family,children father of intent to has fingerprinted and background checked for family placement yet the social worker denied such illegally despite clearance.Mother is facing death threats and social stigma,humiliation by the  general public due to the false allegations as the mother is not a child abuser and is not on any abuser registry.


The worker is trying to open a case that has been closed since 2014  illegally.  The Social Workers license has be cancelled and expired since 2013 as well.  The Social Worker actions seem retaliatory and seem a personal vendetta to profit.


I CONTINUE TO INSIST ON MY  INNOCENCE. I had to move to  find suitable housing as it was lost due to the false misinformation the social worker told my loft building management about claims of a warrant to detain her,which the mother never recieved.


It wasn’t until children were illegally seized the mother found out about other false complaints she was never even told of which dcsf had in other secret case files.All the complaints were unsubstantiated and unfounded proven false with family always being clean,happy,safe and content.


THE MOTHER HAS NO DRUG OR DRINKING HISTORY AND COMPLETED ALL SERVICE CASE PLANS TO GET FAMILY TIMELY.Despite no allegation of abuse to incorporate the newborn into a financial adoption package,The toddler daughter was recently illegally detained captured in January 2017 and  the social worker refuses to tell father that children are being illegally adopted or even allow the mother to see kids or call them.there was no due diligence or due process or any notice.

the social worker has never notified mother of any court dates or hearings and went as far as creating fake false bench warrants that never existed for the mother to steal her children,or otherwise is trying to imply the petitioner is “ill”to damage her credibility and to obscure the truth. It is clear a coverup of sorts is occurring.the social worker also illegally stole mothers cellphone etc we and released its contents to others.


The mother has filed legal appeals,lawsuits,grievances,complaints,with law enforcement,cps,dcsf,judicial committee,the city,county,state,Citizen's Commission on Human Rights,Rainbow Coalition,Senators/Congressman Ted Donnelly and Tony Cardenas,Adrin Nazarian etc.The mother is currently attempting file complaints against the social worker with social worker licensing etc.The Mother tried to seek help at a Nun Convent,go abroad,on islands,as well as homeless shelters ,renting rooms etc to  protect children from system and went to find legal aid.THE HORROR CONTINUES... search :under the three petitions 1)stop false child allegations! Child Protection Agency Reform!! Stop family separation!!!2)Stop Illegal Adoptions!3)Stop false allegations! Child protection agency reform!! search: Robinson vs Cps/Dcsf Et. Al. search:Stop Illegal Adoptions/Reform Child Protective Services/Dcsf search:Stop Illegal adoptions/Reform Child Protective Services/Dcsf


The petitioner has since went into relocation and found housing while coping with what has occurred,find legal aid and Justice and figure out how to continue since losing entire family. May Justice come to the innocent.

Children your mommy loves and misses you dearly. I feel completely hopeless and helpless that you were illegally taken away due to hearsay and corruption.You were stolen from me.Due to these false accusations our rights and innocence were violated and I want you to know I am doing all I can to save and help you. Please know that your mom loves you very much.I leave this for you in the hopes you will find the truth. I leave this so this may never happen to another innocent person or family.May I leave behind a legacy that will help save others.