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Petition to rid Ethanol from fuel supply

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
Our vehicles are not meant to run on Ethanol. Ethanol is an alcohol derived from corn and other organic sources. The myth that a small minority of people, mainly the Corn Growers Association, has fed the public at large is that Ethanol allows for fuel to burn cleanly; thereby reducing carbon emissions.

This is nothing more than a bold face lie. There aren't any published studies which can validate such preposterous claims. If anything else, ethanol adds more carbon into the atmosphere further polluting the environment. For starters carbon is always the by-product of any substance that is burned including but not limited to ethanol. Ethanol contributes to pollution in the following ways:

a) Constant refueling by auto owners since ethanol based gas burns faster than non-ethanol based gas
b) Ethanol production itself is taxing on the environment with all the waste associated with it.
c) Diminished air quality and increased respiratory related ailments

While the Corn Growers Association benefits with subsidies as well as repair shops and mechanics profit from repeated visits, consumers do not benefit at all as they watch their auto repair bills skyrocket and the life span of their vehicles diminish. Among other ailments, ethanol shortens the lifespan of vital engine parts by eroding valves, gaskets, fuel lines, promotes rust in gas tanks by absorbing excess water in the form of vapor from atmosphere. (

However, one the greatest injustices is the robbing and absolute denial of our democratic right to choose. If this is a true democracy we as consumers should have the right to choose what we place in our autos. Why should a small minority organization such as the Corn Growers Association get to decide for us? That isn't democracy, that is corporatism.

Mr. President, Senators and Congressmen do the right thing by your citizens not by corporate interests.

Fellow citizens, here are several ways you can make a difference:
a) sign this petition
b) boycott ethanol fuel by purchasing non-ethanol fuel from retailers listed on the following two websites
c) call your local gas stations and demand non-ethanol fuel be carried.