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Stop Development of Great Keppel Islands public land (Lot21) and a Marina on Putney Beach

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5th March 2013 - Minsiter Burke has approved the development. GKI as we know it will be no more.



Great Keppel Island - The Peoples Island (Qld, Australia)

One of the most beautiful islands along the Capricorn Coast is in the cross-hairs of a development company. With a planned 250 berth marina, 750 villas, 300 appartments and a 250 room hotel, plus golf course, sports field and a shopping and cafe precinct, the island as we know it is set to be destroyed.

Most people would agree that a re-development of the existing resort site would be welcomed and acceptable - however with the inclusion of the additional 750 villas & 300 apartments it seems to be a realestate money grab. Land that is owned by the people of Australia and leased by the government to the company, which they plan to sell of for their own commercial gain. On top of this, areas of high environmental significance will be destroyed or altered. Effects from run-off and fertilisers will impact heavily on the usually clear, pristine waters that surround the island.

The propsed Marina is to be built on one of the shallowest beaches on the island. The area is a also few hundred metres from a marine national park and green zone. Adjacent to the Marina development is also passage rocks which has the 2nd highest coral diversity in the keppels. Corals are very susceptible to the sediments that continual dredging of the marina and access channel will deposit. 

By signing this petition you are agreeing that:

  • I support the re-development of the resort on the existing 38 hectare site.  
  • I oppose the development of Lot 21 (875 ha) for villas and a golf course.  I support the state government’s assessment that Lot 21 be reserved for conservation purposes. The current lease of Lot 21 is for recreation and public access, not real estate.
  • I oppose the building of a marina at Putney Beach due to the damage that will be caused to the sensitive marine environment in the vicinity including fringing coral reefs.  

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