Stop Deportation of Sene Sem!

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My name is Sarah Hoeuy, and I am the wife of Sene Sem. We are seeking your support to keep Sene home. I have known my husband for more than 15 years. He is a loving father to his 10 year old daughter, Asia and a devoted husband to me. Sene is now facing deportation to Cambodia and being separated from his family.

Sene’s troubles in the past should not be ignored, but please consider his full story. All of us have made mistakes that we wish we could undo. Sene has held himself fully accountable for his choices and has served the time given to him by the justice system. Sene shouldn’t be paying it for the rest of his life, he has already atoned for his mistakes and lives a full and healthy life. He is a loving, hardworking man and is now proudly raising a beautiful daughter.

Unfortunately, Sene is facing deportation to Cambodia, a country he left as a child when his parents fled the Khmer Rouge. He does not speak Khmer, and no surviving family there. His home is here with us in the United States, with his wife and daughter.

Please give us your support so Sene can stay at home. Thank you in advance.

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