Stop deaths at 24/7 gyms

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A few weeks ago, my wonderful dad died on the floor of the a Snap Fitness gym, helpless and alone. He was extremely fit - he’d trained since he was 16.

He lay on the ground, his foot still stuck in the rowing machine, found by two other members an hour later. By this time it was too late. How was this allowed to occur?

There’s no legislation making it mandatory for fitness facilities or gyms to have defibrillators.

Even if there was, in this case and many others, it wouldn’t have made the slightest difference. There were no staff present at this 24/7 gym.

In order to save lives, competent staff, trained in first aid and CPR, must be present at all times within every gym Australia-wide. Regardless of whether they trade 24/7 or not this is an absolute necessity.

Eight deaths have happened since 2012 in Queensland gyms alone.

Last year, a 15 year-old boy was pinned by the neck whilst using weight equipment and passed away. He’d been trapped for 30 minutes before a fellow member entered the gym and found him.

Trained staff need to be present at all times. Automatic defibrillators must also be installed in every fitness centre.

Help me save lives.