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Stop Credit Check Abuse NOW!

The people of the United States of America do enact as follows:

It is illegal and unconstitutional to use any form of credit information including but not limited to; credit background check, credit history, credit scores or other forms of credit information to be used for purposes other than the issuance of an extension of actual credit such as a credit card, loan or for the purpose of obtaining to own real tangible property.

No individual, company, sole proprietor, LLC, corporation, non profit or organization may utilize any credit or bill payment information including credit background checks or credit scoring of any kind, at any time including prospective employees applying for employment, during the hiring process or post hire. Neither shall a current employee who is being considered for ongoing employment, transfer or advancement within any of the above mentioned employers be subject to any form of credit information check as it impedes ones constitutional right to prosper and demonstrates discrimination based on economic station.

Credit checks, credit history, credit scores, late bill pay, foreclosure and bankruptcy shall be strictly prohibited to deny employment opportunity.

Any employer found guilty of using such credit information checks will be guilty of discrimination and shall pay a $10,000 per occurrence fines for such abuses.


Credit checks, credit history, or credit scores cannot be used to deny rental or lease residential housing, as the applicant is not applying for ownership of said property and owner has taken proper steps to limit any loses such as deposits and has other remedy under the law.

Landlords who utilize any form of credit background or scoring to deny housing shall be in violation of Fair Housing discrimination laws and be subject to fines of $10,000 per occurrence.

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This vital jobs issue may be heard in the house either this summer or fall 2010. Without the support of the general public, news media and civil rights and labor organizations it will never happen, so thank you for signing the petition to make your voice heard but PLEASE do not stop here. Our work is far from over. Credit reporting agencies and "others" are lobbying hard to defeat this bill and have spent millions doing so. Get involved and stay involved if you ever plan on getting a job any where in this country ever again! I cannot think of a single issue in our nation today more important than our right to work and support our families.Don't let corporate greed keep you, your family or your children and grandchildren from realizing their dreams and futures by being employment based on a $20.00 min. payment that was paid late 6 years ago! Tell everyone you know. Lets get HR3149 passed TODAY so America can get back to work TODAY and without one red cent of stimulus money!



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