Stop CPS & Hold Them Accountable From Kidnapping Kids & Defrauding Our Government

Stop CPS & Hold Them Accountable From Kidnapping Kids & Defrauding Our Government

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The are many families affected by false reports, and falsely accused by DCF/CPS without a proper investigation being conducted. This corrupt organization denies families there 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 9th, and 14th amendment rights. Pretty much all of America's Constitutional Admendments, Bill of Rights, and Federal Laws. Fabricating, falsifying, diagnosing, threatening, using scare tactics and manipulation to make individuals sign paperwork illegally and to utilize there associated programs for there profit and personal gain of said organizations.

My goal is to not have another child illegally taken from their family or threaten/manipulated into signing or violating there privacy without warrant. DCF/CPS State Attorney's, and Judges need to start using common sense before rushing to judgment. To conduct proper and bias investigations the same as police in order to be constitutionally correct and legal. DCF/CPS MUST by law comply with the “Warrant Clause” as required by the Constitution and the Federal Courts whereas they are “governmental officials” and are subject to the Constitution as are the police. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the violations of Constitution and Civil Rights form DCF/CPS and or any other name departments they may use.

If the parents or child does not take the DCF/CPS worker up on their empty promises the DCF/CPS worker then reverts to threats and more harassment. Threats, duress, and coercion such as this causes the parents to fear losing their children. In many cases the parents are so terrified they forget their fundamental Constitutional rights to Due process. When this happens, their children and families suffer.

My next goal is to have a system of legal support for families in place. A mediator, and a witness. A Lawyer, Attorney or someone with a Legal background. Who guides, answers questions and protects families rights. This should be free of charge to families who are unable to afford legal counsel. All American's have the right to not be compelled to be a witness against him/herself.

Almost over 80% of phone calls phoned in and reported are lies. When someone wants revenge and knows you have children in the home. They call DCF/CPS and file false reports. Just because claims are made no matter what DCF/CPS comes to investigate. This can be damaging to a family. I call for Federal Action to be taken on this level. That falsified claims have Federal Legal action taken against the caller. Both Jail and large Fines to be imposed to discourage future allegations from others seeking revenge due to personal fall outs with the parents of children.

DCF/CPS can not conduct an investigation in your home without your consent and speak to your child without your consent! DCF/CPS employees lie and tell you they do not need your consent. The manipulation used to give up your rights is illegal. They need your consent to come into your home and speak with your children. If there is no “exigent circumstances” (imminent danger) to your children with “probable cause” (credible witnesses/evidence) to support a warrant, DCF/CPS anywhere in the United States cannot lawfully enter your home and speak with you and your children. This it is illegal! Families should have free legal access to sue the social worker and the police who assist them and both lose immunity from being sued. This should be heard on a Federal Level due to corruption. People associated with can manipulate the court and law for there favorable outcome. It must be heard outside of there jurisdiction so they have no influence.

I call for a full department makeover. Starting with new guidelines on how DCF/CPS conducts themselves and investigations. To treat individuals, families and children with constitutional and civil respect. To hold individuals responsible for altering, falsifying, and wording paperwork to fall with in guidelines to warrant and pursue further actions because of "concerns". One visit to the home and taking to a few neighbors does not justify concerns enough to make any probable decisions. Without sworn testimonies, and notarized sign documents in witnesses hand writing; not the Social Workers. That just on suspicion they can not ask or force you to take a drug test on a visit to your home because of a call. DCF/CPS can not hide your rights or manipulate and lie to you. All violations of this is subject to jail, fines and lawsuit under Federal Law.

We must all stand together and sign this petition. For the ones who were helpless. The ones who ask for help and was denied. The ones who had sleepless nights and mental break downs. For the children who scream and cried themselves to sleep every night. For everyone who is not educated and taken advantage. Looking the other way and hoping things will get better is not the answer. We must stop the parts of our failing system that operates for profit on the lives of others. Please read THE CORRUPT BUSINESS OF CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES by

BY: Nancy Schaefer
Senator, 50th District

Credited: Deanna Castro

A higher authority needs to look into Reforming CPS nationwide and should most certainly be held ACCOUNTABLE for their mistakes as well as defrauding our government by pressing unnecessary programs and services on individuals and families off little or no basis of them needing those services, and I feel providers that work along with the organization need to be further investigated. There is unlawful exchange of communication and numerous breaches when it comes to information.

Personal story
I don't know where to begin. My two children were removed my from home on February 13th 2018. They arrived with an "Ex Parte ORDER TO ACCESS", which was signed by a judge. I was having a family fun day. Very humiliating as well, because pizza was being delivered the same time CPS and an officer arrived at my door. I guess they had to get a court order signed by a judge to access my home due to the fact I refused to speak with them after they received 2 incident reports written by law enforcement regarding a domestic dispute between the two of us that occurred in our home while the children sleeping. However, I have spoken to a CPI months prior to the event. But it got to the point where these people were coming to my home late at night disturbing my children's sleep, so there on after I refused to speak to them. I thought I had that right? Also, one night they came and basically threatened to take the children if I didn't comply with their questions. It was months of harassment. I remember at one point I was not home, and was shopping at Walgreens when I got a call from one of the CPI's, asking me where I was, where my children were and demanding that I come home right away to speak to her. I told her I won't be home until later, and addressed to her she really doesn't yet have right to me or my children's whereabouts , as they were not in any danger, they were with me anyways. She hangs up, and I receive a text from her stating, "Okay, that's fine, we'll just use your neighbors as collateral." I was shocked. I had no idea CPS was like this. Totally erratic. Using intimidation tactics in order to get or hear what they want from you. At this point, in the State of FL, I am disappointed in the system. These people are criminals, and WE are the victims of CPS. OUR CHILDREN are the victims CPS.
Do not believe any of the rubbish they tell you in regards to "helping" you, or "doing what's in the best interest of the children." There have been reported more fatalities with children in the system then anything else. Legally, they were supposed to have a safety plan set in place before intervening in any removals but the day they took my kids was the day it was supposed to start. wow

Their goal isn't to reunify family, its to destroy.
Hopefully, I will get my kids back once I complete the unnecessary services they have assigned to me. Regardless, they'll get that bonus at the end of the year.

It's the biggest-human trafficking industry in the nation.
This needs to be exposed. The Corruption of Child Protective Services.

Remember this, if you hardly know any of your legal're a target. If you're considered lower class and you have kids, perfect. You are a target.



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