Stop contaminated cabin air in aircraft!

Stop contaminated cabin air in aircraft!

10 February 2017
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The Rt Hon Mark Harper MP (Secretary of State for Transport) and
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Started by Trudie Dadd

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Every day, many millions of people board an aircraft, which has become a normal way of transportation in every day life. But what they do not know is that this flight could land them in a hospital or with debilitating illness because of exposure to toxic cabin air!

It often begins with flu like symptoms: limb pain, dizziness, fatigue and nausea. Long-term damage to the nerves, the lungs, the cardiovascular system or cognitive impairment may follow.

How do I know this? Because I am one of a growing number of people that has been affected.  I had to end my flying career in 2016 following 2 onboard fume events within 1 year (2014/15) and the cumulative effects of 20+ years flying. My health had deteriorated badly and tests showed that chemicals used in aircraft engine oil were present in my body. My GP advised me to stop flying.

You as a passenger, but also pilots and flight attendants are at great risk of exposure to neurotoxic breathing air on any flight in most aircraft! The World Health Organization published a comprehensive study in 2017 about aircraft cabin air quality and the illness related to being exposed to the toxic fumes: "AEROTOXIC SYNDROME: A NEW OCCUPATIONAL DISEASE?" which shows a definite connection between in-flight toxic fumes and health damage.

Over many decades new victims have been added every day; it is now time to address the political leaders directly. The poisoning of human beings on flights cannot be tolerated any longer. This issue has been denied by the UK Government and airlines for too long.

On 17th September 2017 EasyJet announced they will be fitting filters to their aircraft - Due to “Health Concerns”. 

“EasyJet is working with Pall to identify and reduce incidents of unusual smell and fumes in the cabin,” the carrier told Telegraph Travel. “These events can have short term effects on health and can lead to flight disruption.”

Airbus 2016 -

‘Recently (early 2016) Airbus announced on their official A320 family aircraft webpage that they now offer a filter device that could filter out «toxic fumes».

One may wonder why the worlds leading aircraft manufacturer designs and offers such a filter device to its customers when in fact there is no problem and has never been any… This is at least what PR people with Airbus and their own experts have always claimed in the recent years.

When  an article was published in “die Welt” a few weeks later, highlighting this optional new technical upgrade, the page did undergo a remarkable change:’

Politicians must stop ignoring this issue. Airline regulations must be implemented: aircraft must be fitted with SENSORS AND FILTERS and airlines must be placed under obligation to inform the public!




133 people signed this week
Signatures: 131,868Next Goal: 150,000
133 people signed this week