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Stop Coal Seam Gas exploration and mining

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The NSW Liberal/National Government have renewed a coal seam gas (CSG) exploration licence (PEL 469 Shoalhaven) to Planet Gas and Leichhardt Resources that extends from Port Kembla in the north to Sussex Inlet in the south and west towards the Southern Highlands, a total area of 3173 km2. This is despite a pre-election promise that NO mining would occur in any water catchment areas.

Planet Gas is “actively seeking new projects which will enhance shareholder value.”
Leichhardt Resources “initial focus has been to acquire a substantial land position of coal and coal seam gas (CSG or CGM) tenements in eastern Australia, close to large populations and existing infrastructure”.........and intends to “increase its tenement holdings primarily in eastern and southern states of Australia or regional opportunities.” See their websites!!!

The NSW Government has now announced a plan to introduce a two kilometre residential exclusion zone for coal seam gas developments. This proposal is a sham and does not protect agricultural land, water catchments, or any other environmentally sensitive land.

CSG mining is invasive, destructive and polluting and there is well documented evidence both locally and internationally to support this. For further information regarding the potential impacts of CSG mining as a result of 'PEL 469 Shoallhaven' visit the recent Gerringong Meeting website: or CSG FREE Shoalhaven website:

Coal seam gas is no longer seen as a short term, less destructive energy source filling the gap as we transition from a fossil fuel based economy to renewable energies. The CSG industry with its fugitive emissions, government subsidies, long term destruction of productive farmland and water supplies does not contribute to the development of a stable and ecologically sustainable energy future.

Coal seam gas is methane and in any production and distribution of gas there are always leaks. “The 20-year climate effect of methane is currently understood to be about 105 times that of CO2. It only takes about 1% leakage to effectively double the net climate effect of gas”. [Richard Keech - Beyond Zero Emissions].

NSW legislation to protect agricultural land actually ONLY protects vineyards and thoroughbred horse studs. Major food producing areas on high quality agricultural land ARE NOT protected. References to "water catchments" in more recent legislation only refer to "drinking" water catchments and not to the catchments that feed groundwater and aquifers (rock such as sandstone that contains or transmits groundwater) that support farmland. See "Coal Seam groundwater concerns" - ABC

CSG Mining companies promise new jobs but at what cost! If mechanisation continues to develop at its current rate workers will be in the same position as those in coal mines, which now accounts for less than 3% of all employment in the Hunter Valley.

A report by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) found that “The NSW Government is the worst performer in meeting its obligations to effectively regulate coal seam gas and large coal mining.”

The NSW Farmers Association said “The O'Farrell Government is still refusing to acknowledge that farmers and communities expect their water to be protected above all else,” and the Association are “continuing to call to the NSW Government to revisit their Aquifer Interference Policy to deliver on its election commitments and set standards that communities can have confidence in.”

“The Coal Seam Gas or Coal Bed Methane industry and the mining industry present the greatest threats to the Great Artesian Basin today. These industries use enormous quantities of this good potable and finite Great Artesian Basin water and turn it to “waste water” which then becomes a problem to get rid of, as it pollutes the environment with millions of tonnes of salt, contaminated with heavy metals and other pollutants.” [The Great Artesian Basin Protection Group Inc.]

In the United States today there is growing concern over the millions of gallons of chemically laced “fracking fluid” that has and is being pumped into gas wells thousands of feet into the earth, the majority of which remains in the wells because it cannot be recovered.  We should take note of this!

We refer to the pre-election promise made by then Opposition Leader, Barry O'Farrell: “The next Liberal/National government will ensure that mining cannot any water catchment area, and will ensure that mining leases and mining exploration permits reflect that common sense; no if's, no buts, a gurarantee.”

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