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The home of the cougar is endangered. San Guillermo Reserve in San Juan , last paradise savage in South American forest and habitat for many species of birds and animals such as cougar and vicuna , is threatened by a mega project that Barrick Gold , to extract gold , seriously jeopardizes this unique ecosystem .

The explosive and highly toxic substances like SULFURIC ACID used to drill mining in the reserve are already affecting glaciers , the main source of water for the life of the region. We have to stop Barrick Gold or the consequences will be catastrophic for this delicate environment and the animals that inhabit it.

This is the time to act. Convertite in the voice of the species that require miners to leave their land forever . Cougar defends home . Ask him now the government of San Juan to ban all mining activity in the San Guillermo Reserve . Please complete the form below and send an email to the government with your claim.


The San Guillermo Reserve is an area that should be protected for future generations the value of biodiversity

The sum Greenpeace accessions to its new campaign , " Salva Reserve " , which claims to mining projects in San Guillermo , a nature reserve by UNESCO declared interest for future generations .

San Guillermo is considered the last wild wooded not South America , "said Gonzalo Strano , campaign coordinator of Greenpeace Glacier , " the mining activity within the Reserve is a real threat to their species and waterways " .

According to the environmental NGO , the mining company Barrick Gold Corporation, and its activity affected the glaciers in the area and is damaging the ecosystem. " To carry on the work in Veladero , you consume more than 300 million liters of water per month , while in most of the year the population of the province of San Juan has restrictions on water use everyday " Strano explained .

The environmental group this week launched a nationwide campaign to raise awareness about the need to protect the reserve has more than 900 000 hectares , cougar habitat and area of glaciers and periglacial environment ( 1). More than 96 000 people have already signed the petition so that the mining area is free .

Mining uses highly toxic substances , explosives , involves the removal of large amounts of rock and dust , construction of tailings impoundments that are large dumps pollutants , and other structures that impact within the Reserve , " Strano said , " it is necessary measures are taken to protect this wild paradise of this activity.

Greenpeace claims the governor of San Juan , José Luis Gioia prohibiting exploration and mining and hydrocarbon , installation works and industrial activities , and disposal of contaminants and waste products of any kind , within the limits of San Guillermo Reserve .



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