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Stop all the sex and violence in the media

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Warning, the video contains movies produced in the United States of America which the FCC has chosen to do Nothing to prevent citizens from viewing. The Video glorifies rape and murder and has been seen by hundreds of thousands of Americans.

After Somer Renee Thompson, Letting Our Kids Walk To School

The word insane comes to mind when thinking of the situation in Florida with little Somer Renee Thompson, the other similar cases around the nation and the thousands of very similar cases which will come.

Anyone who has lived in these United States for the last 40 years has seen CHANGE sweep over this nation in such a huge way that our country is not even recognizable from what it once was.

 There is a saying which goes something like this, "With freedom comes much responsibility". Americans have fallen down on the JOB in the responsibility area of maintaining sanity in our country.

To reflect upon our current situation. Our government is full of corrupt people. Our Judicial system is full of corrupt people. Our city officials in countless cities across the nation are being caught in corruption. There is sexual scandal in the churches, in the political offices, the courts, the police offices, in social services offices and in day care centers.

Our media pushes every kind of sexual immorality into the minds of not only our adults but also our children. One could even see advertisements on television using a sexually provocative man or woman to sell broccoli.

Sex and violence sells and that is what the media supplies. Supply and demand has always been the way of business in these united states. Due to the steady supply of sexually explicit material being broadcast and distributed on a daily basis for decades, we now are reaping what we have sown.

That media containing sex and violence coupled with sex offender laws which even Congressmen have admitted,
"Once you are on the registry, your life is basically over", creates a scenario where people will kill their victims just to ensure they do not have a witness which can get them sentenced to a lifetime of registration on the sex offender registry.

Upon hearing the news of the little girl in Florida, killed and thrown into a trash bin. I can only think of one thing. Why on earth would anyone let a 7 year old girl walk 1 mile to or from school?

As a parent of two teenagers and a 2 year old, I would never allow my children to walk a mile to or from school. Not in these times we live in.

 Just 30 years ago, you could go out into any neighborhood and see children everywhere, riding bikes, skateboarding, playing and having fun. Typically, and without fear, children would leave the home in the morning, say bye to mother and tell her they were riding their bikes to town....

 Not today. You can walk or drive around any neighborhood today and you will not see very many children running around riding bicycles, skating or playing. They are all inside, watching television, playing x box 360s, play stations or Wiis.

 Their have been studies conducted on the effects of watching sex and violence on television day after day and the results are shocking and alarming to say the least. But you do not have to look to studies to see the results.



Over 1000 studies - including a Surgeon General's special report in 1972 and a National Institute of Mental Health report 10 years later - attest to a causal connection between media violence and aggressive behavior in some children. Studies show that the more "real-life" the violence portrayed, the greater the likelihood that it will be "learned." - American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement, Volume 95, Number 6 - June 1995

By age 18, a U.S. youth will have seen 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 acts of violence. - American Psychiatric Association

The average youth living in the U.S. watches television 25 hours a week and plays computer games an additional seven hours. - National Institute on Media and the Family, 1998 study

Media violence may cause aggressive and antisocial behavior, desensitize viewers to future violence and increase perceptions that they are living "in a mean and dangerous world." - American Academy of Pediatrics

Children younger than 8 "cannot uniformly discriminate between real life and fantasy/entertainment… They quickly learn that violence is an acceptable solution to resolving even complex problems, particularly if the aggressor is the hero." - ibid

"Violence is like the nicotine in cigarettes.  The reason why the media has to pump ever more violence into us is because we've built up a tolerance.  In order to get the same high, we need ever-higher levels… The television industry has gained its market share through an addictive and toxic ingredient." - Lt. Col. David Grossman quoted in The Arizona Republic, May 27, 1999 by Tim Madigan, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, A18.

Two overviews of existing studies conducted by the Surgeon General's office in 1972 and 1982 called television violence "a contributing factor to increases in violent crime and antisocial behavior." - May 9, 1999.  The New York Times.  Lawrie Mifflin. "Many Researchers Say Link is Already Clear on Media and Youth Violence."

"Not every child who watches a lot of violence or plays a lot of violent games will grow up to be violent.  Other forces must converge, as they did recently in Colorado.  But just as every cigarette increases the chance that someday you will get lung cancer, every exposure to violence increases the chances that some day a child will behave more violently than they otherwise would." - Ibid  Attributed to L. Rowell Huesmann of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

"A steady diet of violent content over time creates a culture that tells kids that violence is the accepted way we solve our problems." - Ibid - Attributed to Kathryn C. Montgomery, President of the Center for Media Education.

Television violence can lead to imitation

The cumulative impact of violence-laden imagery can lead to a "mean-world" perspective, in which viewers have an unrealistically dark view of life. - The Christian Science Monitor, November 18, 1996

Television reaches children at a younger age and for more time than any other socializing institution except the family. - Ibid

Research has shown that "mindless" television or video games may idle and impoverish the development of the pre-frontal cortex, or that portion of the brain that is responsible for planning, organizing and sequencing behavior for self-control, moral judgment and attention. - American Academy of Pediatrics - Understanding TV's effects on the developing brain, Jane M. Healy, Ph.D.  (From May 1998 AAP News)

Children often behave differently after they've been watching violent programs on television.  Children who watched violent shows were more likely to strike out at playmates, argue, disobey authority and were less willing to wait for things that children who watched nonviolent programs. - American Psychological Association, Family and Relationships -Get the Facts: Children and Television Violence

Reducing the amount of time grade-school children spend watching television games and watching television can make them less aggressive toward their peers. - Stanford Report, January 14, 2001 -Limiting TV viewing reduces aggression in children, study says by Krista Conger

The largest industry in America is now the combined legislature, courts, police, sheriff and prison systems and all that those businesses support. Tied to these are countless businesses. Psychiatrists, psychologists who the court orders felons to pay to go see. Grocers and suppliers, contractors, lawyers and the list is too great for this article.

It would seem that every thing it takes to completely and utterly destroy this nation from the roots, the family, up is being done on purpose.

Heaven forbid I should mention Jesus Christ and the fact that it is almost a swear word now to say, "God" in any government office or public school... that one sentence will probably ban this article from even being published.

 No, the problem facing little girls like Somer is not all those sex offenders living in her vicinity. The problem is that this nation has sat by and watched and even participated in the destruction of any semblance of morality, decency, and restraint involving sex and violence for decades.

Saying we need to get TOUGH ON SEX OFFENDERS to cure the sickness which America suffers from is like telling a cancer patient to take this asprin and a glass of water each day and all will be well.

To get to the heart of the matter, this nation needs to wake up and realize our minds have been infected with immorality.

Insane is it to think you can pump sex and violence into the minds of children and adults alike for decades. Twenty for hours a day, 7 days a week, day after day, year after year and then expect them to NOT act out on it.

You break down the family unit from a father, mother and children to 1 parent always working, the child home watching tv or being entertained by the pervert next door and what do you get.. just what we have now. Murder, Rape and sex crimes on the rise.

But you know what. That will not happen. Everyone is so use to getting their daily fix of sex and violence from the media. Why do you think anyone is even reading about little Somer? It involves sex and violence. There you have it.

I feel great compassion for the family, friends and neighbors of this little girl.. but I tell you as sure as I am sitting here writing this... this country has not even come close to seeing what is to come. This practice will become more wide spread as our media takes us further into sexual depravity.

Dave Smith

Citizens for Legislative Change, America


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