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DEPORTATIONS must be stopped immediately!

CLOSE TO TWO million  people have been deported during the last three  years.  The detention and deportation of undocumented immigrants continues to increase under the current  Administration.

Deportees, especially those deported in the late hours of the night,  face hunger, illness, inclement weather and victimization by criminal elements at points of deportation where they have no friends or relatives or other support networks to provide them humane treatment until they are able to get back on their own two feet.   Deportations increase their risk of becoming the victims of assault,rape,kidnapping, police brutality and other vulnerabilities given the lack of shelters, humane societies, etc.;

Our families are being divided and thousands of U.SA children are suffering because they are  left without their fathers or mothers. These are the same children who are asked to  recite the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE in our public schools.

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