Stop all cruelty on animals! Stop producing fur!

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This petition is promted by the article about Chinese cruelty on rabbits - see it only if you can take it - watching rabbits scream in pain while they are being tied up and having their fur removed. How cruel humans can be? And is there a worse destiny than being an animal in China?  If you are like me and can't take any more of human cruelty on animals, sign this petition to stop the production and the trade of fur.  It really has to stop.  IT HAS TO STOP NOW!!!

Completely agree with all of you good people, that we must boycott everything that says 'made in china' for the simple reason that their manufacturing is done either by exploiting animals or by exploiting people. The products are very poor quality.  And above all the total cruelty they practise towards animals is sufficient reason to stop using their products.  Fur production by skinning animals alive, breeding animals to be used for fur!!! How would they feel if they are tied up and skinned alive??? Then as some of you mentioned - eating animals alive!!! Apparently this has become a fashion to take baby octopuses alive in their mouths and to enjoy chewing them while they are fighting for their life.  I saw that on telly and I agree with you here who say that this is a crime not only against animals but against the good, decent, humans would never do such things.  Then they use animals for entertainment - which is a lower form of abuse, it does not inflict pain on the animal but does take away its dignity if a dog is dyed in pink colour or in baby blue colour.  Animals are born perfect, there is no need for them to be dyed in any colours and such acts are insensitive and disrespectful to animals.  And another crime against animals is when they use the excuse that they kill the animals to produce medicines from them.  I read in the press how snakes are getting suffocated by the thousands to produce some medicine which can be produced only by such technology which involves suffocating and drying.  If you were ill would you take such medicine, knowing that 100 snakes have died to produce it.  Never.  I don't think that an animal's life is cheaper than a human's life.  Chinese culture is abusive, disrespectful and plain cruel to animals and they really have to change their ways.  What we can do from the West to enforce that change is: boycott.  That simple.  Stop focussing on what is the cheapest in the shops - 9/10 will be chinese and start thinking how it was produced and why it is so cheap.  Cheap does not come easy.  Cheap is produced through exploiting.  And the big shops should boycott chinese products as well.  Stop buying fur. Any fashion designer who uses real fur should be named and shamed.  Because every inch of fur is produced through the pain and suffering and crying and screaming and death of an innocent animal which has not done any harm to this world.  All humans who inflict pain on animals are evil and must be stopped.

Thank you all for your signatures and I look forward to reading more of your good, kind thoughts.  You make the world a better place.  And may we make the world a better place. After this petition reaches a large number of signatures I will take it to the Chinese embassy, I will protest in front of their embassy, I will not stop.  Let us become the voice of millions of animals, who are defenceless and let us take this matter higher and higher until we see changes.  God bless you all! 

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