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Mountaintop removal coal mining—the worst form of coal mining in existence—could soon be expanding in Fayette County, West Virginia, and we need to mobilize quickly to stop the impending destruction.

Frasure Creek Mining LLC, an operation owned by a company based in Mumbai, India, is seeking new mining permits to double the size of their current operation to 3,300 acres, and wants permission to dump toxic mining wastes in the valleys of the Loop Creek and New River areas. If Frasure Creek gets all its permits, the operations will completely surround the community of Beards Fork and come close to the towns of Beckwith and Fayetteville. Already, current mining operations have received water violations and blasting complaints. In Kentucky, there is a lawsuit challenging Frasure Creek and another company with 20,000 Clean Water Act violations.

Located in central West Virginia, Fayette County is a hub for West Virginia tourism (our county tourism makes $4.5 million/year in direct revenue for the state), and our current economic growth is based in the value of our beautiful rivers, our world-class rapids and forests to outdoor enthusiasts. What's worse, the proposed mine would impact the New River, where the Boy Scouts are holding national and world events in 2013 and 2019 and are building a permanent destination camp.

On Friday, June 10th, the Fayette County Commission has called a public meeting to hear this case. We need to act urgently to tell them to oppose these permits. Sign the petition now.

Letter to
Fayette Co. Courthouse, Commissioner, Fayette Co. Commission Denise Scalph
Fayette Co. Courthouse, Commissioner, Fayette Co. Commission John H. Lopez
DMR, Mining Director, WV DEP Thomas L. Clarke
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Supervisor, Cabinet Secretary, WV DEP Randy C. Huffman
Representative Nick Rahall
Governor Earl Tomblin
U.S. House of Representatives
West Virginia Governor
This project could seriously undermine Fayette County's expanding tourism economy by polluting rivers, clearing forests, and creating visual, noise and other quality-of-life hazards for nearby communities, tourists and Boy Scouts camp visitors alike. It is not worth it for both the short- and long-term economic prospects of the county, not to mention the serious environmental hazards it would create.

Frasure Creek has a terrible track record of polluting local waterways. For example, it and another company face lawsuits for 20,000 Clean Water Act violations in Kentucky. In Fayette County, nearby residents have already experienced the negative affects of mining operations.

Please hear our voice and oppose the expansion of Frasure Creek's mountaintop removal mine. This is important not only to Fayette County residents, but to people all around the country who care about this region.

Thank you,