Stop 5G Small Cell Installation in Hinsdale and Surrounding Communities

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Join us in petitioning our local state and federal officials in demanding change surrounding the pending 5G rollout and 5G small cell tower installation in Hinsdale, Western Springs, Oak Brook and the surrounding communities.

We’re demanding the following from our elected officials:

1. Reversal of the small wireless act and the return of control to local our municipalities. SB1451.  This act allows for-profit wireless companies nearly unchecked control over the placement of their small cell wireless equipment and towers throughout local communities.

It’s estimated that new towers will placed every 200 feet throughout our communities.  Towers will proliferation, emitting a constant stream of radiation and creating unsightly equipment towers that will negatively impact our property values.

Verizon, AT&T and Sprint will each be installing their own towers in our yards, parks and schools with no concern for our health or property values.

2. Restrict the placement of small cell towers near personal residences, schools and parks.  

3. Demand additional independent studies surrounding the long-term health effects of 5G radiation.  Based on their early research, physicians and scientists are already warning about the potential health effects from 5G millimeter wave.

Join us in the fight to stop the 5G rollout in our local communities and return control to our local government and citizens by signing this petition and demanding change.  Please forward to your friends and neighbors to get the word out.