Save Safe Schools

Save Safe Schools

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"The Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) was a national network of organisations working with school communities to create safer and more inclusive environments for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families." In 2016 the Liberal National Party - led by conservatives within the party - dismantled the Safe Schools program by refusing to renew its funding.

South Australia then withdrew from the national network and the South Australian government created its own program with a similar intention. This program has continued to up until now. This program supports training to over 2500 teachers educators, and have supported 100 schools with supporting gender diverse students, and currently have 69 member schools. 

The South Australian Liberal Party and Conservative Party have vowed to scrap the program, a threat which has now become a reality due to the 2018 state election. The Safe Schools program has promoted a safer school environment for all, and many students say that the support they received due to the program was crucial to their academic success as well as mental health. Steven Marshall's decision to scrap this vital program will only cause harm to vulnerable young people and take away a support service that LGBTI young people rely on.

To support young LGBTI people, we need to send a strong message! Sign this petition, write to your local, state and federal members and let's tell the government that we all value this community of young people and that we stand together with them. Let's demand funding and save Safe Schools!