Expunge the Arrest Record of Jesus Carvajal who was Wrongfully Accused!

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In the wee hours of the morning on August 9th, 2018, Jesus Carvajal woke up to the sounds of sound grenades going off in front of his home. Next thing he knew, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s SWAT team was dragging him outside in nothing but his underwear, while they proceeded to turn his home upside down. Jesus was told that he was being arrested for allegedly impersonating an officer to solicit prostitutes for sex and multiple counts of rape. The next day, Jesus saw his face plastered all over national and international news. His relatives in Mexico were alarmed that their beloved family member would be accused of such violent crimes. This would only be the beginning.

Following his arrest, Jesus was fired from his job. The prosecutor tried to set a $300,000 bail on his head despite looming evidence that he was innocent, but the judge released him on house arrest after serving 21 days in jail. LVMPD had taken in Jesus' vehicle for evidence when he was arrested, and the car ended up in a tow yard and auctioned off. Jesus still owes $4000 on the vehicle. On October 22, Jesus’ charges were suddenly dropped. A man named Tommy Provost had been arrested for the crimes that he had been charged of.

While upon first look the two have an eery resemblance from the neck up, their physiques couldn’t be more different: At 6’2”, Jesus towers over Provost half a foot, whose height is 5’7”, negating immediately upon first look that these two men are each others' doppelgänger as the media and authorities have framed it.

Along with the loss of his job and car, Jesus has suffered the financial, social, and psychological costs of being wrongfully accused - he may now need to file for bankruptcy as he's not able to acquire the higher paying positions he used to work in, many of his friends turned their backs on him, and the psychological trauma affects him everyday.

On February 13, Jesus was pulled over by an LVMPD officer for speeding. The interaction was nervewracking, as the officer was especially nervous because when Jesus’ ID was scanned, the August 9 arrest along with the charges were pulled up. As a Brown man living in a state where many Brown men have been killed by police, the arrest record criminalizes Jesus, adding to an already precarious situation.

For a man who is completely innocent of the alleged charges, Jesus has suffered an unbearable toll. The cost is not only felt by him alone, but also by his family:  his girlfriend who was recently diagnosed with PTSD. Currently Jesus’ lawyer is seeking for the record of this incident to be sealed, but in Nevada, arrest records are never truly expunged: law enforcement will have access to them, and the LVMPD has his DNA from the arrest which can be used against him later if he were to ever be implicated in a crime.

We are asking the community to support Jesus by signing this petition that is demanding for the full expungement of his arrest record. No one should have to suffer from bad policing, except for the police themselves. 

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