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Overrule unjust and cruel court decision to destroy family pet (with update)


The backbone of American law is for a punishment to fit a crime. Nika, a year-old Siberian Husky, allegedly killed a rabbit in her neighbor's backyard while her owners were on their honeymoon on April 23rd. While there is no proof that Nika even committed this act, on May 2nd, she was sentenced to DIE by a City of Aurora Judge. Her owners, Keith and Rachel Keremes feel that they were not given their due process and the ruling was made 5 days after Nika's owners returned from their vacation. They were not even able to get a lawyer or provide evidence. Additionally, they have agreed to take multiple precautions, including building an additional fence to completely protect the boundary with the neighbor. The Judge still demanded execution. In addition, the City of Aurora is breaking it's own law by sentencing Nika to death as a FIRST offense. We do not feel that Nika is even capable of this act and hope that we receive a fair opportunity to present our case. 

The Judge's decision can be appealed but the City will cruelly keep the dog in a tiny cage in the Aurora Animal Shelter until the appeal date, which could take months. Additionally, charges from the Shelter will accrue the entire time. The dog has no voilent history and is beloved among friends and family of the Keremes'. She is safe around children and enjoys frequent visits to the local dog park, where she has never shown aggression. 

We sign this petition knowing that this is an overreach of authority by the City of Aurora and to give a voice to a new, military family who doesn't deserve the way they were treated. We know that decency, logic, and justice can prevail. This is not they way this City should treat good people. Thank you for your consideration. 


[update] This petition was written in order to bring light to the injustices and inequality in the way the City of Aurora treats its citizens. With tremendous amounts of help, my wife and I were able to save our puppy, but we have had so many issues with the court system and public servants that enumerating them in this petition could never do them justice. Nobody should have to go through this to receive justice. Please contact me to find out what is really happening to good, law-abiding citizens in this city. Keith Keremes (850) 525-2104.

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