Steve Hofmeyr must apologise for anti-LGBTIQ+ hate speech


Steve Hofmeyr must apologise for anti-LGBTIQ+ hate speech

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South African singer and commentator Steve Hofmeyr has a huge following on social media, which means that his words are heard - and often believed - by many of his fans and followers. In a recent social media video seen by tens of thousands, Hofmeyr addressed Disney's pledge to make its content more LGBTQ+ inclusive. He claimed that by doing so Disney is promoting bestiality among children. He stated:

“Disney’s warned the world that it’s going to change its characters for children to every LGBTQ+ preference under the sun. While my generation learned to speak to mice, ducks and dogs, our children will be taught how to have sex with mice, ducks and dogs.”

“You think it’s weird but let me tell you why I’m saying this. Those relationships with animals are part of that ‘+’ at the end of the LGBTQ; that includes those kinds of relationships with animals,” he continued. Hofmeyr added: “Disney, don’t test the parents…”

In a subsequent video, he asserted that "Disney [has] decided to sexualise our toddlers by sexualising the movie characters” and accuses the LGBTQ+ community of wanting to “sexualise our toddlers for your whims and enjoyment.”

These comments are not only blatantly untrue but also fuel discriminatory and violent public sentiment against LGBTQ+ people in South Africa, in which more than 24 LGBTQ+ individuals were murdered last year. Words have consequences! We demand that:

  1. Steve Hofmeyr acknowledges that the LGBTQ+ acronym does not and is not intended to include any illegal, non-consensual and unnaceptable behaviours such as bestiality or paedophilia.
  2. Steve Hofmeyr acknowledges that by making its characters more representatives of the LGBTQ+ community Disney is not "sexualising" children; in the same way that including cisgender and heterosexual characters in its content does not sexualise children.
  3. That Steve Hofmeyr does the above and also unreservedly apologises to the LGBTQ+ community in writing via a public statement within 7 days.
  4. Failing that, the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) investigates and takes appropriate action against Steve Hofmeyr, including taking the matter to the Equality Court.

LGBTQ+ people want no extra rights or privileges but we are entitled, just like everyone else, to be appropriately represented in media for people of all ages. 

Please sign this petition and tell Steve Hofmeyr that we refuse to be marginalised, made invisible and silenced. LGBTQ+ children across the world deserve to see themselves in the stories and myths created by Disney, just like children from every other community.

Thank you - OUT LGBT Well-being


This petition made change with 2,676 supporters!

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