Stop Bill 66 - save our environment and clean water

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To quote Edward Keenan in the Toronto Star on December 8th: "Open for business - at what cost?"

If you care about species at risk, biodiversity, wetlands, clean water, mitigating damaging floods in the GTA or young children, you want this bill stopped. Bill 66 allows Ontario municipalities to approve developments on environmentally important land, including the Greenbelt and the Oak Ridges Moraine, WITHOUT EVEN A PUBLIC NOTICE OR HEARING. And it removes safeguards on clean water (remember Walkerton?) and allows unlicensed day cares to care for THREE children under 2.

Ford promised during the campaign "to protect the Greenbelt in its entirety" but clearly his prior commitment to developers (at least some of whom funded his campaign) is all that matters to him.

I volunteer for environmental protection, because I care about the future our young people will have to live in, and nothing matters more for that future than the environment. Without clean water to drink and air to breathe, what else will matter?

Please sign this petition. Please call, write to or meet with your MPP to end this bill, especially if you supported the current provincial government. Make it known that you want the campaign promise kept. Removing red tape is about paperwork and expedited bureaucracy, not about endangering our safety and our future. This bill is not about removing red tape. Here's the link to the summary, which has links to the actual proposed legislation:

Thank you. And thank you on behalf of all the birds, animals and plants that live in the areas that could be destroyed forever. You can't reverse development or easily restore natural areas that have been devastated.