NO To Hateful, Biased, Objectionable, InAppropriate, Propaganda Content at Schools

NO To Hateful, Biased, Objectionable, InAppropriate, Propaganda Content at Schools

March 6, 2021
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Stephen Lecce (Minister Of Education, Ontario)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ritesh Malik

‘The true teacher defends his pupils against his own personal influence.’ –Amos Bronson Alcott

We have experienced some really objectionable and age in-appropriate content covered in Vaughan & Brampton schools for 12-14 year age group in the name of current affairs like Farmers Issue in India. We understand International issues and general awareness are important for child’s overall learning and growth, but not when biased, uninformed, one sided and hateful agendas are pushed through use of education and classrooms on tender minds. There are many pressing issues all over the world which are continuously dividing and polarizing people, and even adults are failing to have a clear line of understanding, then why make young minds party to that and affect their mental health in a negative way.

Many children experience uneasiness with controversial issues at school, suffer anxieties and and this is totally unacceptable. This kind of education does not serve any purpose. It’s educator’s role to present learners with unbiased and all possible perspectives during learning process and let children understand the issue from all possible angles and draw their own inferences, not pushed through on purpose. Many of the so-called facts presented in the class and shared content were far from reality on the ground and questions way too complicated for this age. Moreover teacher had very biased and specific perspective which she was trying to push through in class, which is very dangerous and also curbs creative and logical thinking in children at that age. And there have been numerous instances where many parents have experienced this with their children.
Some of these are extremely controversial issues which already are creating ripples within the communities and used by certain elements to further instigate unrest and disturb the way of peaceful life in Canada. I’m not just concerned about my child, but other children from all backgrounds as well as these kinds of issues create differences amongst children in classroom as well and often leads to other issues like bullying, mental health and do irreversible damage to their personality. Topics covered in class with a very specific purpose to push a narrative is very unfair to school children. Moreover such gaps in education system pave a way for any individual or group to push through schools/education anything which they wish to for their own motives.
As a proud Indo-Canadian immigrant with strong Indian roots and even stronger Canadian identity, we wish to see education being used as a medium and means to make children embrace all the goodness which diversity brings and enrich their lives for their and others good. There are many positive things about different cultures and especially India which can be used in schools like Ayurveda, Yoga, how India has helped the world fight this pandemic with their vaccines/ pharma, rather than push negativity in such crucial times. In these times, starting the day with Yoga or some sort of meditation would give children much needed positivity and peace of mind, then showing them disturbing content and making them more negative towards the world and opportunities in future.
Farmers are important and so is every other profession in the society. Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, Firefighters, Police, Entrepreneurs, Professionals etc., all play an equally important and indispensable role in our day to day lives. I’m no way saying that children should not learn about world affairs, but not in a selective way. This content is definitely a part of propaganda which has purposely being pushed into schools to portray a negative image of India, which has been a shining example of diversity, inclusion, acceptance and tolerance for centuries to mankind and Canada is doing the same in modern world.
As a parent and for the benefit of many other concerned parents who have experienced some similar incidents in past , we as parents have right to know from School Boards, Educators and our Elected Representatives : 
1.   What is the source for the content which is used by Teachers to teach children? 
2.    Who creates the content? Whether it is created by a private organization, Board or individuals?
3.   Who approves the content? What is the process to make sure that content is right and not damaging to children’s mental health, on purpose not targeted to malign a particular person, community or a group with a clear-cut agenda to spread hate and animosity amongst communities?
4.   Are there any processes to ensure that any flagged content is immediately taken off or at least investigated for its actual source, purpose and intent? And complainant notified on findings?
5.    Another question I have is what other International issues/ topics were covered this year as part of the curriculum? There has to be a balanced and unbiased approach towards world issues.
Education plays such an important and critical role in building any civilized and evolving society. Please join me in making sure Schools/Education and classrooms are not used to propagate false, hateful, inappropriate and pre-determined agendas to serve selfish agendas as cost of future possibilities of young minds.

Thank you for helping our future generations and ensuring they have safe, growth-oriented and positive  learning journey at their respective schools.

This petition should be signed by all concerned parents who feel that SCHOOLS should not be used to propagate hate and negativity by vested interests. Please share if you want other concerned parents also to join this movement.

A Concerned Parent

Ritesh Malik

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Signatures: 3,381Next Goal: 5,000
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