We the ratepayers demand a financial audit of Mt Barker District Council

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We the rate payers demand a financial audit of the District Council of Mt Barker. The rates charged are exorbitant, higher than Burnside and almost all others on a dollar per valuation basis.

A property valued at under $400,000 pays over $2,000 a year in rates!

Money raised by these disproportionately high rates are mostly spent in Mt Barker (perhaps 70% or more) ignoring the small outlying towns (that consist of but are not exclusive to) of Nairne, Littlehampton, Echunga, Harrogate et al, who go without basic services, town upgrades or are charged monopolistic rates ($2,500 to pump out a septic tank!) to fill Council coffers.

The ratepayers of Mt Barker are also sick and tired of excessive rate rises for services that are negligible. For example they charge $2,500 to pump out septic tanks when it can be done for $500.

We demand a financial audit of where the rates are spent, with the view to a 'user pays' system whereby the small towns pay far less because the services they receive are substantially less than those in Mt Barker. We also demand that Mt Barker Council manages its budget to fit fixed rates rather than simply introducing annual increases of hundreds of dollars to fit the budget they want.

Ratepayers of Mt Barker and the adjacent towns are furious and demand action.