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Steam App - or at least the WP Authenticator App compatibility - for Windows Phone

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To the Valve Corporation CEO,
Gabe Newell

Valve is constantly and much more relying on the integration of the Steam mobile and desktop applications.
Lately it has started promoting the use of the mobile "Steam Guard Authenticator" in order to avoid the "Trade Hold", ment to protect users from scammers. 
The trade hold is a period of time where the items traded are held by Steam before they are delivered.

It's a great thing itself, and if users want to avoid the waiting, they can use the Mobile Authenticator on their smartphone.
Unluckily the App is only available for iOS and Android users and Valve doesn't make any mention of the Windows Phone ones and didn't say anything at least about the compatibility of the new security system with the Windows Phone Authenticator App as other software houses already did.

I've tried contacting the Steam Support and this is what they've very kindly answered me:

"Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

Thanks for taking the time to send us feedback about the mobile app.

At this time we have no plan to implement a Steam Mobile app for Windows Phone, but we have made updates to make much of Steam now accessible via your mobile web browser. I'll make sure the mobile team knows that users like you are interested in the app specific features.

If you wish to share an opinion, idea or suggestion, the forums are a great place to do so."

I feel this is unfair for many users and it's like some of them are more important than others; we know WP hasn't a high marketshare as iOS or Android, but it still has a significant number of users, that Valve seems not being interested in supporting.

Furthermore, Windows Phone 10 is going to be released, and it will be supported for years. Should its users be waiting the WP marketshare growing up to the 30%? I hope not: we're Valve customers too!

With this petition, I hope Valve will change its mind and deliver us at least the WP Authenticator App compatibility to avoid the three days waiting when trading items.
I invite you all to share this petition to your friends, on the social media, to the Steam and of course the Windows Phone users!

Thank you all for your attention.

Best regards,
a fond Valve customer and Steam user


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