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Change Delaware Animal Laws to better protect animals in our state

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We understand people are busy with daily activities but we need to do something to ensure the welfare in Delaware of our animals. We the undersigned do not feel enough is being done to enforce code that is already in effect and feel new laws need to be created to further the health and well being of domestic animals within the First State. Limits need to be placed on breeding of animals as well as licensing of breeders. Fines need to be imposed for those who fail to obtain licenses in order to breed domestic animals in our state. Fines need to be imposed on those that fail to spay/neuter their pet. Animal abuse/abandonment is rampant here in Delaware with rescues and shelters reaching maximum capacity and healthy animals dying needlessly because there is no more room or overbreeding.  A more definitive definition of adequate shelter needs to be put in place and all officers need to understand that definition and not be allowed to use a “loose interpretation”. These are just a few of the things we the undersigned feel need to change to “Make the First State Great”, when it comes to our animals! 

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