The government should launch the Special Mobile Ambulance Service for 24/7.

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We demand for 24/7 hospitals with Emergency services , Opd & emergency Ambulance services in urban city in east, west, north, & south. Due to winter & summer stats from the month of October to June it's a season of breeding, Nesting, dehydration, animals fall on sick also many accident cases the animals are not getting emergency services from state Government or BBMP in around the city. Even we have been many cruelty cases like poisoning, Harming, harassment on many pet, domestic, & Wild animals.  Many time Animal lovers & rescuers are not able to reach rehabilitation centre & veterinary hospital on time . Many animals get dehydrated & died because of no ambulance service to reach veterinary hospital. We demand for BBMP to soon release a emergency services for 24/7 with Provision of first aid and life-saving drugs .

The ambulance should have medical equipment like surgical instruments, sterilizer, and support tools for the treatment of animals suffering from diseases or injured in accidents. "The ambulance will to be useful particularly for accidents which occur 24 hours," the official added.

The animal ambulance unit should function in shifts of 9 hours, like 9am to 6pm,6pm to 2am to 9am 24/7 . They need to recruited veterinary doctors exclusively for this purpose.
For bigger surgeries & operations we require veterinary hospital services with Opd for24/7.  Our state Government & BBMP should take immediate action to stop cruelty & Animal abuse on innocent souls suffering by not getting treatment With love & affection.  We want the service like 108 , ambulance service also to animals in urban city in 4 zones east, west, north, & south with  veterinary hospitals.